What are some draft horse breeds

Johannes' vision for agriculture on the Tannenhof: With workhorses into the future

Johannes Kayßer operates ecological agriculture with draft horses.
In his text “My vision for agriculture on the Tannenhof. With workhorses into the future ”he explains in detail why he works with pluckers in agriculture and what dreams he has with regard to agriculture on the Tannenhof.

Natural horsepower: No nostalgia for the past, but "Back to the future"

Working with horses in agriculture is not a backward-looking desire to preserve the so-called Good old daysbut, on the contrary, modern agriculture:

  • Ensure z. B. the so-called front end: Equipped with three-point hydraulics, ground-driven cardan shaft and hydraulic pump, they represent the link between the horses and conventional tractor equipment.
  • Horses walk on hooves and therefore cause less soil compaction than tractors. Increasing soil compaction leads to lower yields - this knowledge is gradually also being scientifically recognized. And compacted soils can absorb less water.
    In addition, tractors and agricultural machines, especially combine harvesters and other harvesting machines, have become heavier and heavier in recent decades.
  • The horses consume renewable energies instead of burning finite, increasingly expensive crude oil: grass or hay that grows through the sun. Concentrated feed can contain grain, e.g. B. be oats; I mainly want to use alfalfa hay, which is also produced on the farm.
  • Horses leave valuable manure behind as fertilizer instead of producing toxic fumes.

Videos showing the work with draft horses on the Tannenhof

Garlic harvest

We cut under the garlic with a converted potato centrifugal harvester.

Schmitz equipment carrier for horse-drawn haulage: hoes mounted between the axles with horses

The equipment carrier for horse-drawn haulage was built by Christoph Schmitz and makes it possible to drive equipment with a mount from the Fendt equipment carrier 250 with horses.
Here our workhorses Isis and Heinrich chopping on 3 m working width in the peppermint.

Here's a different perspective: chopping from the perspective of peppermint

Johannes and his horses Isis and Fritz chop the peppermint in the field behind the hedge.

Early potato harvest with Isis and Heinrich

With the potato plow

Since the new potatoes are not yet peeled, they are removed with the plow and picked up by hand.

With the centrifugal harvester

At a brisk pace, our horses pull the now peeled potatoes out of the earth with the spinning wheel.

Round harrows with the horses Isis and Heinrich

Preparing the field with the round harrow, working width 1.80 m, model Gräßelmühle, and the workhorses Isis and Heinrich. The harrow turns while working, crumbles and levels the ground. This makes it a forerunner of the rotary harrow.

Swathing hay with the drum swather

When the hay is (almost) dry, it is swathed and then pressed into bales or brought in as loose hay with the loading wagon. The hay harvest is always a special time of the year, the winter forage must be obtained dry and safely. Here Johannes works with Isis and Fritz with a ground-driven drum swather.

HR television: "Really organic - tea production with the help of horses"

Rebecca Rühl visited us in mid-July 2020 to experience a day with the herbs on our farm. The show in the hercules series is online and can be seen here: Genuine organic tea production with the help of horses

Chop herbs with Heinrich

Hessen from above: Land of forests and heights: The north

From minute 26: Heinrich hacking from a bird's eye view.

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