Which boxing gloves are best


Boxing gloves

Depending on what you want to train, there are different types of gloves that can support your boxing training. Gloves differ on the one hand in their weight (given in oz) and in their material. There are boxing gloves made of real leather, PU synthetic leather and even completely vegan boxing gloves without any animal products.

Thick boxing gloves for sparring and your boxing training

When sparring, you should use boxing gloves from 10 ounces (oz). The specification Oz reflects the weight and thus the thickness of the upholstery. The larger the number, the more protection for you and your sparring partner. The more power you have in your punch, the more important it is to protect your training partner from your punch. For example, if you are a heavyweight then you should use 14 or 16 ounce gloves.

Adidas Response boxing gloves - cheap alternative with hi-tech synthetic leather (PU3G)

Top Ten Fight Gloves - Solid boxing gloves with a long durability and a fair price

Fairtex real leather boxing glove - Handmade in Thailand, a little more expensive in comparison but with convincing quality

Twins boxing gloves - with extra strong cowhide leather and sturdy Velcro fastener

Cleto Reyes Boxing - professional boxing glove made in Mexico with lace closure


Gloves for the punching bag

If you train a lot of punches on the punching bag, you might not want to wear out the most expensive gloves. Martial arts boxing gloves for just under 30 euros are an inexpensive alternative for daily training on the punching bag.

Fingerless gloves for MMA training

For mixed martial arts you need fingerless gloves to be able to grip properly in combat and to use a lever. The RDX MMA gloves offer good quality at an excellent price. Those who prefer a little more padding will do well with the fingerless Maya fur gloves from RDX. If you want the same gloves as the UFC pros, you have to dig a little deeper into your pocket and buy the Venum MMA Challenger for just under 50 euros.

Which boxing bandages are suitable?

To protect your wrists and the fragile bones of your hand, you should definitely wear boxing bandages under your gloves. Boxing bandages differ in their length and elasticity. Here you can find some boxing bandages to compare:

Adidas boxing bandages - fair price, available in different colors and with free delivery

Venum boxing bandages - available in 2.5m and 4m, depending on how thick you want your padding and how much fun you have bandaging.

RDX inner glove - The solution for lazy people. With the inner glove from RDX you don't have to rewind your bandages after training and you also save time bandaging your hands before training.