What does GT stand for in BMW

Mercedes-AMG GT and: What does the GT actually mean?

One of our 2016 highlights in the automotive sector was the Mercedes-AMG GT. The Mercedes-Benz Passion Blog raffled 3 of our models in December and today we would like to take a look at the model and its abbreviation GT from different angles.

What does GT actually mean?

Of course, anyone who is a real car fan knows: Gran Turismo, Grand Tour etc. But where does the term and the abbreviation GT that appear in so many model names (such as in the VW Golf GTI) come from?

Gran Turismo the series of games- GT has been a fixture in driving simulations since Playstation 2 and when you hear Gran Turismo, you first think of the two stylized letters G and T from the game's logo. With its release in 1997, the game is far too young to explain the term.

GT as an automobile name - originated in the 1920s when Italian manufacturers began to make sports cars more luxurious and comfortable for long journeys: for Gran Tourismos. Incidentally, the Ferrari 250 GTO has been the most expensive car sold at auction since 2013, at $ 52 million. Here you can watch a video about our model for the 250 GTO and in the next point you will learn what the O stands for.

GT as a racing series - There were racing series for GT vehicles in the early to mid-1960s and from 1997 to mid-2000. Cars with road approval had to be produced for the basic versions of the racing vehicles. The so-called homologation. This is how the GTO came to the O: For Omologato.

TGT as a television series - Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May: Which petrolhead doesn't know the names of the 3 British TV presenters who made the BBC car show Top Gear for years? The three of them have been producing a new auto show on Amazon Prime Video since 2016The Grandtrip in which you experience crazy adventures with the crazy supercars around the globe. And here we finally get to the bottom of the original meaning of GT:

The Grand Tour or il Gran Turismo since the Renaissance the great journeys of the European aristocratic sons, which led them through Europe and the Middle East, were called. Especially in England, the Grand Tour was a permanent fixture to expand the worldview and many abstruse buildings on the island - so-called follies still bear witness to their travels as architectural souvenirs of the aristocrats.

So, that would have already clarified the origin of GT 🙂

The Mercedes-AMG GT

In 2014 AMG presented the GT at the Paris Motor Show. The Gran Turismo Coupé, which costs at least 115,000 euros, stands for dynamism in its purest form. Under the elongated bonnet is a hand-assembled 4-liter engine with 462 hp and a badge with the signature of the mechanic who manufactured the engine in Affalterbach. This accelerates the car to over 300 km / h.

The even sharper version - the AMG GT R - burned a lap time of 7.10.9 minutes on the Eifel asphalt in December.

Our kit of the Mercedes-AMG GT in 1:24

The model kit of the beginner-friendly Level 3 for the pioneering and elegant sports car from Mercedes-AMG has some exciting features:

  • 93 individual parts
  • 189mm is the total length of the finished model
  • Mechanic badge on the V8 engine block
  • Multi-part body
  • Movable bonnet
  • Optionally to be built as left or right-hand drive
  • Decal with various license plates (D, A, NL, B, F, GB, I, CH, RUS)

Here you can go directly to the Mercedes-AMG GT in the Revell shop

The Mercedes-AMG GTS on the test drive

Jens Stratmann from Rad-ab.com stood in front of my door some time ago with a Mercedes-AMG GT S and I was able to get an idea of ​​the vehicle. Holladiewaldfee! What a nice car. And when I first saw the rear through the front door, the same thing went through my mind as Jens’s daughter, as he describes here in the test drive video Rad Incidentally, Rad-Ab.com already has information on the 2017 model update of the AMG GT.

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Here you can buy the AMG GT directly in the Revell shop