Creates Rolls Royce advertising

Rolls Royce really hits the gas, Hyundai's advertising campaign with pop stars pulls in

Rolls Royce made up a total of 21 places in the current evaluation and thus made it into the top 15. The proud 442 percent increase in interactions is mainly due to the fact that the luxury brand posted more than usual and met the taste of the target group . Rolls Royce scored particularly well with this post on Instagram, which received over 330,000 likes:
Things also went well for Hyundai in September. The Korean car manufacturer made up eight places in September and posted a 92 percent increase in social media interactions. Not least, the advertising campaign for the new Ioniq with the Korean pop group BTS played a part in this, which generated over 24 million views on YouTube alone. The boy band stormed the global charts with "Dynamite" in the summer. The successful campaign also earned Hyundai first place in the top posts by car brands in September.

IONIQ x BTS - IONIQ: I'm on it Official M / V

Three of the most successful social media posts each come from the sports car manufacturer Lamborghini, which, as before, is third in the overall ranking, and from the front runner Mercedes. BMW is still in second place. Ferrari also achieved good numbers (+ 62 percent). The carmaker is making up two places, similar to Maserati (+ 52 percent), which is up three places.