Why is SSB so tough

Corona crisis hits club sports hard

Significant decline in membership: Equipped for re-entry - SSB relies on good cooperation with the city and Infraprojekt

The pandemic has the sports clubs firmly under control and is not giving up. Some are hit harder, others less badly - but almost everyone is affected. The Gera sports clubs will also see a decline in membership in 2020. If the clubs had recovered from the first lockdown, the second sports ban hit them all the harder. Many members are simply no longer willing to pay money for nothing. Solidarity or not. The perspective? Difficult.

The expected minus has come and it's going to be pretty tough for some clubs. "We are currently standing at a membership decline of 1,378 (approx. 8.6 percent. This puts us above the LSB average, which is 4.2 percent with a decrease of 15,300 members," explains Markus Morbach, President of the Gera City Sports Association. It is all the more gratifying, according to the SSB President, that 26 of the 114 clubs were able to keep their number of members constant and 38 even increased their membership. The Gera / Thuringia riding club (+24) and the Geraer volleyball club (+22) recorded a significant increase in membership. Despite the closure of the hall. Apart from the age group 70+ with two entrances, all others show declines, especially in the age groups 51-60, 27-40, 0-4. Sports particularly affected are disabled and rehab sports (-797), swimming ( -88), Wushu (-47) and children's gymnastics (-45). Together with the clubs, the Stadtsportbund will analyze the causes in detail and look for solutions to make up for the decline The development in Gera club sport is sobering. Nevertheless, the Presidium of the City Sports Association is confident. "The optimism that people will rejoin the clubs is great," affirms Markus Morbach and perhaps sees the opposite effect: In conversations and inquiries at the Stadtsportbund, it can be clearly seen that many are longing for exercise again. People are thirsting In a sense, for movement and community. "What our Gera club sport needs is a strong push and a strong tailwind to get out of this dilemma again, in order to be better off than the Thuringian average in the end. A task that we tackle together And when I say together, then I mean close ranks between SSB, clubs and the city, "says Markus Morbach, referring to the position paper presented to the Culture and Sports Committee by the SSB Presidium on February 16, 2021 (www.ssb -gera.de/Downlods/Hinweise). "What we need as a sport," continues the SSB President, "is a perspective after the lockdown. We all have to be prepared to be able to get back on track and get started right away as soon as the measures begin to relax."

The SSB Presidium shows understanding for the use of the Panndorfhalle as a vaccination center. For club sports alone, around 2,340 hours of use are lost by the end of the school year. Here it is important to find good solutions quickly and easily, as to how the clubs can pursue their training and competition operations after restart despite the discontinuation of the Panndorfhalle. The Stadtsportbund is happy to be involved. For example, the aim is to keep the sports facilities open longer in the evenings and on the weekends. The “city administration is looking for other possible alternatives. In addition to discussions with sports clubs, there have already been inquiries from other hall operators, including private schools and the armed forces, about other uses, "says René Soboll, head of the sports department.

Reinhard Schulze