Can foxes jump? If so, how high

Can I prevent foxes from coming into my garden?

< fragen|links > Foxes can always find a place to hide and it is difficult to prevent them from entering your property. A 12 cm wide gap in the demarcation is sufficient. In addition, the foxes dig holes under the fence and climb and jump very well.

What makes the garden attractive to foxes?
If you're considering adding a fox-proof fence to your property, look here. It is easier and cheaper if you think about what makes your garden attractive to foxes and act accordingly. Is the garden only being crossed? Do foxes find food or are there objects lying around to play with? Or will you even find a sheltered place to sleep?

Eliminate possible food for foxes from your yard. However, you accept that other wild animals will visit your garden less.
  • Do not place pet food plates outside. You should also remove feeding places for wild animals (birds, hedgehogs) that are accessible to foxes.
  • Cover your compost or get yourself a closed compost bin.
  • Do not throw any leftover meat, bones, cheese or cooked waste on the compost, as they are particularly attractive to foxes.
  • Avoid leaving any fruit on the floor, and grating the berries if possible.

Remove all play options for foxes:
  • Put away children's toys, shoes, leather goods, soft and easily portable objects.

Eliminate hiding spots: