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Translation of "harm to cause" in English

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I can do a lot with it to do damage.
I can do a lot of damage with this.
Bad educational policy decisions can be considerable societal to do damage and threaten social peace.
Making the wrong education policy decisions can do substantial social damage and jeopardise social peace.
Such power can be great to do damage.
This kind of power can do great harm.
With that we deny the fact that they to do damage.
Such software can be done without human involvement to do damage: Viruses, worms, Trojan horses etc.
Search software can cause damage without human intervention: Viruses, Worms, Trojan Horses, etc.
These printing plates can do a lot to do damage.
Those plates can do all kinds of damage.
With them you can to do damage.
You can do a lot of damage with some of these guys.
Your technology can still do a lot to do damage.
Their technology may be outdated, but it can still do a lot of damage.
It would be great to do damageto disappoint those expectations now.
It would be extremely damaging now to disappoint these expectations.
The project is naive from an economic point of view and will be great macroeconomic to do damage.
It is economically naive and will do huge macroeconomic damage.
But I think it could be great by accident to do damage.
But they might accidentally do great damage.
Of course we don't want that because that would be great to do damage.
Of course we do not, because that would be very damaging.
We need to rethink our strategies before doing any more to do damage.
We need to rethink our policies before they do any more damage.
It can't do much to do damage.
The man can do a lot to do damage.
That man could cause a lot of harm.
If I do something wrong, I can do great things to do damage.
Because if I get it wrong, I can actually do great harm.
The thing would have some to do damage can.
That thing could have done some damage.
He can do a lot to do damage.
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