How are ink cartridges recycled

Dispose of ink cartridges - this is how it works!

The news is rolling over and over again every day due to environmental pollution. We ourselves recognize this fact from the thunderstorms that are increasingly breaking in over Germany. The winters are getting colder, the summers are hotter and the mountain of rubbish is partly to blame. Everyone resolves to do their part to protect the environment, even if it's just plastic garbage disposal. But how do you properly dispose of old ink cartridges with print heads? They are made of plastic. There is still some ink residue inside. The contacts on the cartridges are made of metal, and apart from the ink, they have no place in plastic waste. So what do you do with the cartridge?

How does it work?

Free recycling or professional disposal for toner cartridges, ink cartridges and printer cartridges of all brands and models. Find out how exactly it works HERE.

Waste separation: yes, but how is it correct?

E.g. HP 302: Suitable for disposing of ink cartridges

Everyone can do their part to protect the environment. However, environmental protection works best when it involves little extra effort. The easier it is to dispose of the garbage, the easier it will be for the population to sort the garbage. Raw material resources show why waste separation is so important. There is less and less of everything. Natural gas, crude oil, precious metals, etc. are almost completely mined. Experts assume that there will be no more oil available by 2050. What then should ink cartridges be made of? After all, petroleum is a major ingredient that plastic is made from. If plastic waste is disposed of appropriately, it can be recycled and reused. This means that resources do not have to be fully exhausted and are available for longer. The waste separation system is already working very well in Germany. The paper bin, the yellow sack, residual waste and recycling centers are available to the population. However, there are already difficulties when disposing of old ink cartridges with a print head. Old batteries can be thrown into a container in supermarkets, for example. These are collected and can then be disposed of accordingly. But how is the disposal of empty cartridges regulated? There are no containers available in supermarkets for old ink cartridges. Mostly, old cartridges end up in the residual waste out of ignorance. It is clear that the yellow sack is by no means suitable for empty ink cartridges. For this reason, was launched. At you have the opportunity to hand in your old ink cartridges with a print head and make your simple contribution to environmental protection. Empty ink cartridges with print heads can be disposed of quickly and easily in accordance with the law - without incurring additional costs.

What is being collected?

Free recycling or professional disposal for toner cartridges, ink cartridges and printer cartridges of all brands and models. Find out HERE what exactly is being collected.

Dispose of ink cartridges with printhead easily, but correctly

Empty ink cartridges are classified as hazardous waste, so a special method is required to dispose of old ink cartridges appropriately. Normally, empty printer cartridges should be collected and given to the recycling center. However, this is often too much effort and can result in costs. In large cities, disposal at recycling centers now costs a lot of money - just so that you can drive in and dispose of old objects or furniture. The collected empty ink cartridges also take up unnecessary space and it is simply not profitable to go to the recycling center for an ink cartridge. Many dealers are obliged to take back empty cartridges, but not everyone is aware of this. On the basis of these facts and the ignorance of how empty ink cartridges are actually disposed of correctly, developed the idea of ​​giving the population an opportunity to dispose of empty printer cartridges in accordance with regulations. Just how easy it can be to properly dispose of old ink cartridges with a print head is shown at The only thing you need to send in the ink cartridges with printhead at is a box, a printer with which you can print out the postage stamp and a parcel service where the box can be handed in. Disposing of old ink cartridges is easy and uncomplicated with - environmental protection can be that simple

Also for Canon CL-546xl: Dispose of ink cartridges

If you want to dispose of old ink cartridges correctly, is the first port of call. You need a box in which you can pack the empty ink cartridges with a print head. Attention: Old ink cartridges must be packed separately from toners! If the ink cartridges are in the box, the cavities can be filled with a little newspaper (just so that it doesn't rattle in the box). At there is a free package stamp from 6 ink cartridges with print head, which you can now print out. Yes, you read that right: it's free. pays the entire shipping costs, so that you do not incur any additional costs for disposal. The printed package label must be clearly visible on the box. Now comes the last step, which calls for delivery to the parcel shop. As you can see, it's easy to properly dispose of old ink cartridges. As soon as consumers know how to dispose of the ink cartridges correctly without incurring additional costs, this service will be used with pleasure. This is due to the many submissions of ink cartridges when empty. de clearly recognizable. So don't just use the service of alone, but tell your neighbors and friends today about the possibility of finally being able to dispose of ink cartridges with print heads in an uncomplicated and legally compliant manner.

Why offers this service

At there are some requirements that apply to sending in the empty ink cartridges. You should send at least six or more empty printhead ink cartridges. Again, the reason is environmental protection. You can certainly send any old ink cartridge to as soon as it is empty. With every package that is sent, there is a CO2 emission due to the transport routes. In order to make a small amount in view of this, it is better to collect some printer cartridges and then send them together to It takes a while to collect six ink cartridges, especially in private households. It is worth contacting neighbors or friends who will participate in this type of disposal. If you only activate five friends, there is a higher chance of getting the number of ink cartridges faster. In addition, a friendship campaign arises, which can also benefit you in other things. But not only private households benefit from Companies usually need a printer to print out documents, invoices or orders. Even with a small volume of printing, there is a certain consumption of printer cartridges, so that six empty ink cartridges with printhead come together quickly. These can be sent accordingly to and will be disposed of there in accordance with the law.

Our focus is on consumers and on our environment, to which we are obliged to protect it and not burden it unnecessarily. wants to make it as easy as possible for consumers to properly dispose of empty ink cartridges. Furthermore, environmental protection is a matter that concerns us all. At there are no requirements regarding the choice of cardboard. Any box can be used to send the ink cartridges. To make it even easier to dispose of empty ink cartridges with printhead according to the regulations, shipping is free of charge from 6 pieces, so that you as a consumer do not have to expect any additional costs for proper disposal.

For example: ink cartridges with a print head, an ink tank without a print head

You can dispose of printer cartridges free of charge

It doesn't take a lot of effort to dispose of old ink cartridges free of charge. All you need for disposal is a box. In the box you pack at least six empty ink cartridges with printhead and then print out the free parcel stamp. You can find out exactly what is being collected on This is what is being collected. To ensure that disposal can be carried out easily, you should adhere to the provisions of If you have large quantities of ink cartridges with printhead to dispose of, this is also possible without any problems. The parcel stamp is valid up to a weight of 31.5 kg. The maximum girth is 3.6 meters, which corresponds to a very large box. also offers companies with a lot of printing work the possibility to dispose of the ink cartridges correctly. accepts both pallets and lattice boxes containing old ink cartridges. A free pick-up service is offered for this, so that there is no additional expense for the proper disposal of the ink cartridges. Arrange a collection today or start collecting old ink cartridges with printhead, which you can now dispose of in accordance with the law via Do your bit to help protect the environment and start with everyday things.