What does 10 mean spiritually

Numerology: The Magical Meaning of Numbers

The meaning of the numbers

Every number has a certain essence and gives us insights into our character - our weaknesses and strengths as well as our life's work. Numbers have energies. The »numerology of witches«, as I call it, helps us to recognize these energies and to relate them to our lives. This is how we recognize the people we are dealing with - and learn why we are the way we are.

0 = The zero stands for the beginning. Everything and nothing is in it. It is a perfect vessel full to the brim and yet stands for the infinite emptiness.

1 = The one is the number of God. It cannot be divided and is the prerequisite for all other numbers. The one is also a symbol of a new beginning and renewal.

2 = The two is the symbol for two halves of a whole. It is light and dark, light and shadow, contrast and contradiction. The two also stands for the feminine, we assign characteristics such as loveliness and modesty to her.

3 = The three is the number of luck and success. We distinguish the trinity of heaven, earth and hell and know the divine trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Knocking wood three times brings luck.

4 = As a number of wholeness, four is a lucky number in our culture. She embodies the four seasons, the four weeks of the month, the four days, the four elements, the four phases of the moon.

5 = Five is a magic number. We recognize them in the pentagram, a pentagon that is painted on the doorstep and banishes the devil. Man has five senses, five fingers in his hand, five toes on each foot. Every odd number that you multiply with it results in five again in the end.

6 = Six is ​​the perfect number of happiness, harmony, balance and strength. The six is ​​shown in the geometric figure of the six-star, the star of David. It's a magic hexagram.

7 = We witches celebrate the seven as a sacred number. It is mentioned 770 times in the Bible. You probably know the fairy tales of the seven little goats, the seven dwarfs, the seven ravens, of the "seven in one go" and so on.

8 = The number eight is a positive symbol, because two times four brings double happiness. It symbolizes the afterlife and infinity. In the past, witches wrote eight on coffins or corpses in order to give the deceased a better life in the Otherworld.

9 = The nine stands for perfection. It can be multiplied by any number - the cross sum always results in nine. Jesus died in the ninth hour, a circle is 360 degrees and the sum of 360 is nine.