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James Gordon

Commissioner James Gordon is one of Batman's allies.

Biography Edit source]

Jim Gordon, like his sister Thelma, was born in Chicago, but nothing more is known about his childhood and youth. After his time in the military, where he was trained as a lone fighter, he embarked on a career as a police officer. While he met his future wife Barbara on the one hand, he soon made the acquaintance of organized crime in the form of the Viti mafia family, which controlled a large part of the Chicago police, on the other.

Jim was an exemplary, strictly by-law cop, and was soon promoted to lieutenant. But he was pretty much alone with his attitude. Soon he got on the track of his colleague Davidson, who wanted to manipulate an upcoming election on behalf of the politician Harcourt Green. When Jim tried to get Davidson to expose the masterminds, Davidson was shot. Since Jim knew the murderer and he had previously saved his life, he was forced to let him escape, which is why he continues to blame himself to this day.

When Green won the election thanks to his manipulation, Jim's belief in justice was deeply shaken. Since he was also suspected to have something to do with Davidson's murder, he decided to move to another city and try a fresh start there. With the help of his supervisor, who believed in him, he found a job with the Gotham City Police Department. Together with Barbara, whom he married, he moved to Gotham.

Shortly after moving to Gotham, Jim was promoted to captain. His first partner was Detective Eddy Flass, who, like the then Commissioner Loeb and much of the Gotham police force, was corrupt. When Jim made it clear that he did not approve of bribery, Flass and several other masked police officers beat him up, but recognizing Flass' voice, Jim retaliated and exposed Flass in public.

Shortly thereafter, Jim became a media hero when he rescued three children from the violence of the psychopath Albert Blume. Thereupon he was entrusted by Commissioner Loeb with the case of the mysterious Batman, who went on his own initiative against the crime in Gotham. He met the police officer Sarah Essen, who happened to also come from Chicago. However, when Jim realized that Batman was not an adversary but an ally, he secretly befriended him.

Although Jim was happily married to Barbara and they were expecting a child, he secretly began an affair with Sarah. However, Commissioner Loeb did not like it that Jim no longer pursued the "Batman" case and reprimanded Jim accordingly. Nevertheless, Jim worked more and more often with Batman and developed the bat signal, which is located on the roof of the Gotham City Police Department and with which Jim can call Batman at any time.

The ambitious public prosecutor Harvey Dent initially supported the two, but his increasingly aggressive demeanor and willingness to use unconventional methods almost cost him Jim and Batman's trust. After an attack, he eventually became a psychopathic two-face.

Jim, who felt remorse about pregnant Barbara, finally agreed with Sarah to end their affair. Sarah was then transferred to another city. Shortly thereafter, Barbara brought her son James Jr. to the world. Jefferson Skeevers, the head of a drug ring, had since confessed, thanks to Batman's "tutoring", that Jim's partner Flass received a bribe from him. Jim called in the regulatory agency, which Loeb didn't like at all. He threatened to send Barbara a photo of Jim and Sarah kissing.

However, Jim was not ready to be blackmailed and instead confessed to his own affair to his wife. Loeb and his friend Carmine Falcone wanted to silence Jim once and for all and had his family kidnapped. With Batman's help, however, Jim was able to save his wife and son. Flass was eventually convicted and Loeb was forced to resign as commissioner under public pressure. A little later, Jim was promoted to commissioner and took his place.

A little later, Jim's sister Thelma and her husband were killed in a car accident, whereupon Jim and Barbara adopted their daughter Barbara. But soon afterwards the marriage between the two broke up and they divorced. Barbara returned with her son James Jr. back to Chicago, while Jim and his "daughter" Barbara were now on their own. Barbara was a huge Batman fan and later became Batgirl without her "father" knowing.

Not only did Jim make friends with the police through his sense of duty and honesty, but he knows exactly who to rely on through years of experience. In the course of time he succeeded in gathering among himself what he believed to be the best and most trustworthy police officers in Gotham and at least curbing corruption in his police department. Sergeant Harvey Bullock and Detective Renée Montoya are among his closest confidants. Although they may not always agree with Jim, they still respect their boss and stand by him in every situation.

For a long time, Batman and his allies stood by his side in difficult situations, but despite years of collaboration, Jim is still frightened when Batman suddenly disappears in the middle of a conversation. Nevertheless, his masked friend has often been of great help to him and together they have survived many crises.

Jim's daughter Barbara was meanwhile active as Batgirl until the Joker broke into his house one evening and shot her. Jim himself was captured by him and the Joker tried to drive him crazy with photos of his injured daughter.

Batman managed to free Jim before his psyche could be permanently damaged, but Barbara has since been paralyzed from the waist down. Thanks to the support of her father and Batman, however, she found new courage and now supports other superheroes in the fight against crime as an informant for Oracle.

Shortly thereafter, Sarah Essen returned to Gotham. She and Jim quickly reunited, both professionally and personally, and eventually married. Sarah was critical of James' collaboration with Batman for a long time, believing that it would only harm Jim.

When the criminal Bane Batman broke his spine, he secretly named Jean-Paul Valley as his successor. But the methods of the new Batman differed greatly from his predecessor. Jim, who had no explanation for the strange behavior of his "friend", turned more and more from the brutal, ruthless thug.

Later the recovered true Batman returned, but Jim's trust in him was still marred as Batman refused to tell him the truth about the "impostor". When Jim refused to work with Batman again, then Mayor Armand Krol reassigned him to another post, while his wife Sarah, with whom he was not on good terms at the time, was promoted to the new commissioner.

After he had arrested the criminal Tommy "Mangles" Manchester using extreme violence, he wanted to quit his job with the police and run for the new mayor. However, he later withdrew his candidacy and instead supported Marion Grange, who ultimately won the election.

In order to avenge himself for his defeat, Armand Krol quickly appointed the completely incompetent Andy Howe as the new commissioner. Shortly thereafter, a terrible plague broke out in Gotham. After Jim had successfully combated the chaos together with Batman and his former subordinates, Marion Grange returned his old post to him after her inauguration, while Sarah became the mayor's personal representative.

Shortly afterwards, Harcourt Green, who was now running for the office of US President, appeared in Gotham. He planned to have his wife, who was going to divorce him after the election, murdered, but Jim was able to thwart his plans and finally bring him to justice.

After Gotham was hit by a major earthquake, the US government decided to declare the city a no man's land. At first Jim toyed with the idea of ​​accepting an offer from Ivytown, but he quickly realized that Gotham had long since become his home and so he decided to stay in town with Sarah, no matter what happened. After Batman disappeared for three months, Jim has almost completely lost trust in his former allies and, together with the police officers who have remained in Gotham, the "Blue Boys", is now part of the city from the criminals and madmen who have now ruled them To retake bit by bit. To this day, Jim Gordon is an absolutely trustworthy, honest and law-abiding person to whom law and order still mean something.

Appearance [edit | Edit source]

Most of the time he wears glasses and has a mustache. He is wearing a suit and tie.

Gordon in other media Edit source]

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  • Ted Knight: The Batman / Superman Hour (1968)
  • Lennie Weinrib: A Case for Batman (1979)
  • Pat Hingle: Batman (1989), Batman Returns (1992), Batman Forever (1995), and Batman and Robin (1997)
  • Bob Hastings: Batman TAS (1992), as well as in the Batman cartoons for the series, Superman TAS and Static Shock
  • Mitch Pileggi: The Batman (2004)
  • Gary Oldman: Batman Begins (2005), The Dark Knight (2008) and The Dark Knight Rises (2012)
  • Ben McKenzie: Gotham (2014)