How hot can a hair dryer get

Blow-drying your hair is actually very easy. But you can do a lot wrong with the supposedly simple beauty routine. Stilpalast reveals the 10 most common hair dryer errors and shows how hair can be dried as gently as possible.

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Hot hotter hottest

If you dry your hair on the hottest setting, you are guaranteed to damage it in the long run. In order to avoid such heat damage, it is essential to reduce the heat of the hairdryer. In return, you can increase the blow dryer strength without a guilty conscience so that the hair dries quickly. Tip: If you use the cold setting at the end of drying your hair, you will provide an extra portion of shine and more bounce, as the cuticle of the hair closes through the cool air.

Blow-dry haphazardly

Do you blow dry your hair all the way through without pinning up individual sections? You should avoid this because it will allow your top hair to get too much heat for too long. Divide your head of hair and pin up at least one section on the top of your head so that you can dry the lower hair in a targeted manner. Even if this is a little more complex: Your hair will thank you for it.

Blow-dry too close

Never hold your hairdryer in one spot for too long, or too close to your head, as such an overdose of heat can damage your head of hair. It is also ideal if the warm air flow from your blow dryer is always in motion.

Work without an attachment

If you omit the attachment of your hair dryer, you risk frizz. So that the hot air of your hair dryer can be used in a targeted manner, an attachment is essential. Curly hair can be dried particularly gently with a so-called diffuser attachment, for example.

Non-stop blow-drying

It's no secret that washing and styling your hair too often is unhealthy. Unfortunately, this also includes blow-drying. Therefore, you should often prescribe a break from the blow dryer for yourself or your hair and let it air dry.

Blow-dry wet hair immediately

Never blow dry your hair while it's still dripping wet. Instead, always carefully pre-dry your head of hair with a towel and start blow-drying each time. Only when the hair is reasonably dry can you start the actual shaping.

The wrong direction

If you blow the warm air from the hair dryer from the bottom up into your hair, the surface can quickly pucker. However, if you hold the blow dryer at a 45 ° angle to your hair, you will smooth the hair structure.

The wrong hair dryer

Not all hairdryers are created equal! A good hair dryer should ideally have a cold setting, two different heating levels and two different speed levels. In general: the finer the hair, the lower the blow dryer temperature should be.

The wrong brush

Avoid using brushes with a metal core when blow-drying your hair. These heat up too much and can damage the hair. Special thermal brushes (ideally with a non-stick coating), the surface of which does not store heat as much, are better. Tip: When using a brush, make sure that you never press the hairdryer directly onto the strand to be dried. A distance of approx. 7 cm is optimal.

Neglect care

Even if it is a small additional effort: When blow-drying, if possible, never do without nourishing heat protection products that can stay in the hair and reliably protect it from the hot air.