Are you happy with today's virtual world

For decades there have been attempts to immerse the observer, in the past especially the gamer, completely in a computer world using glasses or to mix the real world with an artificial one.

But only now, thanks to Oculus, does this process seem to have become socially acceptable.

With the takeover of this company, Mark Zuckerberg proves once again that he is not only a student with programming skills, but also an intelligent man with a good sense of business potential.

VR or virtual reality is a term that everyone will soon know. Just like AR, augmented reality, in which the visible world is mixed with the virtual one.

It is nothing more than the greatest development in computer technology since the Internet.

In 5 to 10 years, the majority of people who own a smartphone will also have VR or AR glasses.

This technology will occupy the largest market in the near technological future.

Far away from computer games, people will immerse themselves in virtual reality. Even people who have little or nothing to do with computer games and screens will either fall into completely virtual reality and most of them will use augmented reality or use them professionally.

VR and especially AR will change the world of work, medicine, industry, craft and many other areas strongly and positively. Imagine an apprentice being shown live how he has to carry out which movements. Unskilled workers can quickly perform more complex tasks because the glasses show them what needs to be done.
And the private lives of many are also mixed up by VR and AR. We will walk through virtual shopping centers, experience films and series live right in the middle, shop, meet people virtually, take walks, have VR sex and, above all, play games.
Experiencing training courses and lessons virtually and surfing the Internet with glasses will become part of everyday life.

The motto is right in the middle instead of just being there.

VR will open a huge new market and change our world a lot.

People will immerse themselves in their virtual world after work.

VR and AR will have many advantages and many disadvantages.

Once fully developed, it will be highly addictive, much more so than traditional computer games. It's going to be a DRUG. People will lose their penchant for reality. Many will prefer to immerse themselves in the perfect virtual world than deal with earthly and real things.

The question of ethics must also be discussed anew. Violent games are already manipulating unstable people and encouraging them to commit violent acts. How will that be when the scenes are even more realistic and real. Can you kill a person in VR?

Where will the limits be in virtual reality?

"Cyber ​​sickness" or "motion sickness" are already being called diseases or complaints that are caused by the computer world. I think VR will result in numerous diseases. Cyber ​​depression or cyberholism, for example.

Cell phone zombies as far as the eye can see: Already a lot of us (including me) are addicted to information.
In a few years' time, virtual reality will bring as many jobs to psychologists as alcohol, other drugs and denial of reality are already doing now.

The morale of many consumers will fall and the sickness rate will rise. Brains are overwhelmed. Our body does not develop as quickly as the number of impressions and information that we already have to process everywhere. Even now, many people are enormously stressed and overwhelmed every day due to the mass of information, images and impressions.
VR will especially reach its limits here. Limits that consuming individuals are often unable to assess themselves.

It will be very exciting in the future, there is an incredible amount of potential and, unfortunately, also a lot of risks.
But virtual reality is the next logical step in our development and cannot be stopped. Reality and fiction will merge more and more and holograms will soon influence our lives.

Reality always brings us back down to earth, whether our brain is ready or not. And whether our will agrees with it or not.

I hope we will adapt quickly and find good regulations and not forget reality or refuse it completely. Because it is what we live in. Nothing can ever replace it in all its beauty and cruelty.

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