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10 series tips for Netflix and Amazon Prime

It's January, it's cold and I think we all need a little time to start the new year. Perfect for sitting comfortably on the sofa in the evening and watching a series. We're big series fans and love the feeling of sinking into a series. And we just soak up all the tips from the series that we read or get somewhere. And since our or Patricia's last post with series tips was years ago (although the series recommendations are still up to date), we tried our heads and for you 10 series tips collected for Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Why series tips for Netflix and Amazon Prime?

If you Netflix and Amazon Prime I don't know yet: These are so-called streaming services. That means, you don't download the films and series, but watch them via your internet connection. You can do this on the television (e.g. if you have a smart TV like us) or on a laptop, tablet, etc. The whole thing works via subscriptions. With Netflix you get the subscription from 7.99 euros a month and with Amazon Prime you pay 49 euros a year or 8.99 euros a month and, in addition to Amazon Prime Video, also have free premium shipping and Prime Music with you. We couldn't agree on one of the two streaming services, so we have both. We use Amazon Prime primarily for films and Netflix for series. There are also other streaming services, such as Watchever, but we didn't find them as good as Amazon Prime and Netflix.

Our 10 series tips for Netflix and Amazon Prime

1. Orphan Black

Patricia: Oh what did I love this series! By the way, I have the tip from the dear Vita and we were captivated by the Canadian thriller series from the start. Main protagonist Sarah watches on a platform as a woman who looks just like herself jumps in front of the train. In affect she assumes her identity and realizes within a very short time that very strange things are going on. Great addicting factor with a great leading lady. A series tip for Netflix.

2. Gotham

Stefan: Series from former comics are really hip at the moment and every comic character somehow gets its own series. Gotham is about my childhood favorite hero - Batman. I got my first Batman figure when I was 3 (!) Years old from the "West Relatives" (yes, I was an Ossi 😛). It goes without saying that I'm watching the series about the "making" of Batman. You can see Bruce Wayne as a child (even if he is sometimes a little annoying in my opinion), as well as the beginnings of the penguin, catwoman and the riddler. Even if the age relationships don't always fit (some Batman characters in the series are already too old and would be very old when Batman reaches adulthood), I think the series is great. A series tip for Netflix.

3. Stranger Things

Patricia:Stranger Things hit like a bomb last year and, to be honest, we can understand why. The story is exciting and this 80s flair of the series - simply awesome. We didn't just knock each other out half the night because we really wanted to see one and another episode. And so far there are only 8! Fortunately, the second season is already in the works. Oh, and you still want to know what it's about? A little boy disappears overnight in a small American town and at the same time a distraught girl with close-cropped hair appears who has paranormal abilities and claims to know the whereabouts of the boy. A series tip for Netflix.

4. Sons of Anarchy

Stefan: I haven't seen that many dead people in a series for a long time (ok, apart from The Walking Dead 😀). A motorcycle gang deals in weapons and tries to keep their heads above water through all kinds of illegal business. Anyone who has ever dreamed of meeting their moped at the Hells Angels will get a good idea of ​​what it means to do everything for the club, even if the families are suffering as a result. A series tip for Netflix.

5. Californication

Patricia: A series that is almost all about sex, drugs & rock and roll? Yes, that is exactly what Californication is. I wouldn't watch an episode with my parents. But I definitely think the series is cool and the characters are awesome. My beloved? Charly! Unfortunately, after a few seasons, you lose interest because the plot repeats itself over and over again. Still a brilliant series! A series tip for Amazon Prime and Netflix.

6. The blacklist

Stefan: I just love thriller series and films. The Blacklist is definitely exciting enough. The most wanted criminal in the world volunteers to the FBI to catch all other criminals. But he only wants to work with a very specific agent. Sounds kind of stupid, but it is really well implemented. And all the time one wonders what relationship the criminal has with the agent - uncle / niece, father / daughter, friend of the parents? At some point the show will end and I'll find out. A series tip for Netflix.

7. Orange is the New Black

Patricia: What if I suddenly had to go to jail for a year overnight? I softie in jail! Oh my God! This is exactly what the very successful Netflix production is all about Orange is the New Black. Main protagonist Piper, who leads a very peaceful life with her fiancé, is overtaken by her wild past and has to go to jail for a year. Not just for fans of “Behind Bars”. 😉

8. Elementary

Stefan: And again, Sherlock Holmes makes every policeman look old with his snappy answers and brilliant mind. So many different remakes, at some point it will be enough, you might think. But this time Sherlock Holmes does not live and work in London, but has sailed across the pond solving criminal cases in New York. Lucy Liu out Three angels for Charlie plays Watson alongside Jonny Lee Miller as Sherlock (every cool reader here knows him from the movie Hackers - On the FBI's network with Angelina Jolie 😉). Definitely something completely different and you could forget in between that it is not a new series idea. A series tip for Amazon Prime and Netflix.

9. Forever

Patricia: The subject of immortality will probably always remain exciting and we can always get excited about crime series. But who came up with the nonsensical idea of ​​the series Forever to be canceled after just one season? At least we were thrilled and happy that there are 22 episodes of 43 minutes each. Because the cases are exciting and so is the story of the immortal coroner Henry Morgan. And we come out as big fans of Abraham. A series tip for Amazon Prime.

10. Chef’s table

Stefan: Our first documentary series in the recommendations and it's about food and cooking. Top chefs from all over the world are accompanied in their work and tell about their careers. Sometimes you don't even see that much passion in a love story 😀. If you watch this series, you may understand why some top chefs sometimes refer to themselves as artists. What bothers me extremely about the series is that I always get hungry. A series tip for Netflix.

So these were our 10 series tips for Netflix and Amazon Prime. Do you have any other series tips for us? We have of course already looked at the usual suspects such as HIMYM, Breaking Bad & Co. (and especially Stefan is a big Vampire Diaries fan 😉). But otherwise we are grateful for every tip!