Who is an artificial intelligence programmer

How do I become an AI developer?

Artificial intelligence - revolutionizing case processing

In the course of the digital transformation, topics such as artificial intelligence and machine learning are becoming increasingly important. Those who do not yet know these topics will get to know them in a few years at the latest. Within the next decade, around 85% of the existing jobs will be at least optimized or even completely replaced by intelligent algorithms.

Technologies such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA) are already showing how standardized and repetitive tasks can be fully or partially automated. As a direct consequence, automation helps optimize quality and reduce costs. In addition, important capacities are exposed for future topics.

With artificial intelligence, there are also many ways to automate more demanding tasks. Basically, the term artificial intelligence covers a wide range of topics. All programs that independently recognize and understand patterns, react to them and learn new methods are assigned to this area. Such artificial intelligence is not a simple algorithm, but complex software that has to be programmed and trained beforehand.

The job description of the AI ​​developer

Basically, the field of activity of the AI ​​developer falls into the comprehensive field of artificial intelligence. The programming of new artificial intelligences is at the center of this field of activity. In addition to the conception, design and programming of AI solutions as part of the new and further development, the maintenance and support of ongoing operations is one of the core tasks of the AI ​​developer.

Since there are many areas of application for AI systems, the daily work of the AI ​​developer is very varied, because AI systems are designed and developed for different industries or departments as part of the projects. In addition, senior AI developers in particular with project management tasks in the context of the projects often work closely with customers (mostly product or process owners) in order to analyze data and processes and to find and validate possible solutions.

Since the topic of artificial intelligence is very comprehensive, this can also be specified further. Machine learning and deep learning in particular are in demand as specializations. In machine learning, the developer trains the AI ​​with data and develops training methods that are intended to improve the results of the AI. Deep learning, which deals with the optimization of artificial neural networks, is also interesting for AI developers, as it enables further application possibilities of artificial intelligence.

What typical activities are part of the daily work of an AI developer?

An AI developer is responsible for the conception, development, optimization and support of a solution based on artificial intelligence. However, the tasks are very varied due to the high development speed of the technology and the wide range of possible applications. An important activity in the development is the selection of a suitable algorithm and the training of the AI. As part of the development phase, the analysis of existing data and processes - often in cooperation with the customer - is one of the activities of the AI ​​developer. After analyzing the processes and data, the next step is to develop the AI, which is then tested, handed over to the customer and supported after the development is complete.