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Translation of "pocketful of shells" in German

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You always carried a pocketful of junk.
He's got one pocketful of jubes.
A. pocketful of firecrackers ... waitin 'for a match.
"Pocketful of Sunshine "is a song by Natasha Bedingfield.
The song "Pocketful of Sunshine "by Natasha Bedingfield was also recorded on Simlish.
Sitting in a café with a pocketful of euros.
I'd build a lean-to out of driftwood, a pocketful of peanuts, and pretend I was Robinson Crusoe.
I built a beach hut out of driftwood in which pocket a pair Peanuts, and played Robinson Crusoe.
He's got a whole pocketful of hair ribbons he's snitched from girls.
When you came here with that pocketful of paper, you knew that.
He showed up here around the end of the war with a pocketful of money.
Sitting in a cafe with a pocketful of euros.
Five years ago he walked in with holes in his shoes and a pocketful of dirty postcards.
Five years ago he had holey shoes and those Bag full dirty postcards.
Local dive masters know to bring a pocketful of snacks for the sharks, who put on quite a show for the visitors.
Divers have the unique opportunity to experience this natural spectacle Watching fish and take a picture of it in peace.
You save our hides by parlaying a pocketful of change into $ 60,000 ... and then you get upset because you get a little carried away.
Transform you Change into $ 60,000 and annoyed because you got carried away.
I got him leaving the abandoned getaway car, he fits the description of the shooter, he had a pocketful of stolen credit cards.
It's my turn to see him leave the abandoned escape vehicle, he fits the shooter's description, he has one Bag full stolen credit cards.
Those people came to America for a better future, but now they are destroying their futures just for the pocketful of money the CCP gives them.
These people came to America for a better future, but now they are destroying their future for only one Bag full Money given by the CCP.
As in, "Pocketful of posies, we all fall down. "
With Dr. Hauschka Bronzing Powder you have a pocketful of sunshine. Trigger an impulse to smile and powder your face with light.
With the bronzing powder from Dr. Hauschka you have the sun in the bag. Put a smile on your face and powder your face with light.
Capra's final theatrical film was 1961's Pocketful of Miracles, with Glenn Ford and Bette Davis.
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