What are some cheap chicken recipes

9 chicken recipes you will want to try

Chicken is an ingredient that many of us add to our family menu on a weekly basis. We can prepare it in so many ways: steamed, fried, toasted ... that it's difficult to get full. In addition, it is a relatively inexpensive ingredient and from which almost everything is exploited.

In Cooking Recipes, we want you to get the most out of this ingredient in the kitchen. That is why we propose to you today 9 chicken recipes that you surely want to try. The recipes are simple, everyone can follow them and perfect for our everyday life. Which will you prepare first?

Spring Chicken Salad: A very easy to prepare chicken salad that you can use as a starter or to fill your sandwiches when you go to the beach or walk in the country. This includes numerous types of vegetables such as cabbage or spinach.

Crispy Baked Chicken Meatballs: Very Few Ingredients and an Easy Step by Step. Chicken and cheese meatballs are quick to prepare and bake - to avoid excess fat - until they are crispy. Serve them with your favorite sauce as a snack or for dinner. The Hot Sauce and Mushroom Sauce What we have recently prepared can become the perfect addition.

Garlic Chicken Wings: Garlic chicken wings are a classic. Very crispy and with a lot of taste, this is how these wings are cooked in the oven with chopped garlic and potatoes. A good recipe to bring the whole family to the table, don't you agree?

Chicken Breast Curry: Curry chicken breast fills your kitchen with flavors. This easy and quick recipe is ideal for adding flavor and color to the chicken breast fillets you have in the fridge. All you need to get to work is four ingredients. Add a cup of rice and you have a full plate.

Baked chicken breast in sauce with peppers. In these recipes we only use the breasts and cook them in a very aromatic sauce that combines sweet and salty ingredients such as honey, molasses or ketchup. The recipe is also completed with peppers, which just add more color.

Chicken legs in red wine sauce: Chicken legs in red wine sauce, a classic of Spanish cuisine. A simple and very tasty dish; much tastier, of course, the better the wine you use. Accompanied by boiled rice, potatoes or some vegetables is a complete dish.

Braised Chicken with Artichokes: If you want to prepare food in advance, this is without a doubt a great choice! The canned artichokes and tomatoes make this dish a very tasty dish where bread is almost a must.

Chicken with Beer and Mushrooms: A simple and comforting dish, ideal for the coldest days of the year. In this case, the chicken is cooked in a casserole with mushrooms and beer, leaving the meat very tender and leaving a light sauce to wash off. Prepare a ..... gratinated mashed potatoes and complete this delicious dish.

Chicken Wings with Honey: A simple and different recipe for those who like a sweet spot in hearty dishes. We can cook them fried or cook them in the oven for a lower calorie dish with less fat. One way or another, achieving crispy skin is important.

Wings, breasts, thighs, thighs ... as you saw we used different parts of the chicken prepare the 9 suggested chicken recipes. Varied recipes; Refreshing like the spring chicken salad, also ideal at this time of year, and calming like the steamed dishes, perfect for warming up in the colder seasons. Do you already know which one to try first? They are all Suitable for beginners in the kitchen thanks to our simple "step by step". Print out the recipes and have them ready when you prepare them. That will help you!