How do you unlock sticky keys

How to disable sticky / filter keys in Windows 7 and Windows Vista

user Windows which tend to pretty much use the key Shift (Especially games) are probably more than familiar with Sticky or Filter Keys. And not because wont use (most probably aren’t interested) this Features of Windows Community, But because it's a habit bad ask for permission activation in the "right" moments.

What are Important Keys and Filter Keys, how can they be disabled?

Sticky Keys is activated when Press the Shift key 5 times in a row and has designed to serialize keyboard shortcut entry (i.e. instead of entering multiple keys at the same time, we can press these keys individually, the effect being the same). For example, instead of typing the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Alt + Del (all three keys at the same time). When we enable Sticky Keys, we can get the same effect by first pressing Ctrl, then Alt, then Del.


Filter Keys is activated when Hold down a key Shift for 8 seconds and results ignore or briefly repeat the keysIt can also change a Key repeat rate if it lasted a long time.

Although these features are very helpful to users of Windows with physical disabilities (tremors or movement disorders), it can be very irritating for the average user in situations where the key needs to be used repeatedly, Shift. To deactivate Sticky Keys and Filter Keys and to prevent their reactivation using the Shift key (is also deactivated and Pop-ups permission to activate this feature-s), follow the instructions below:

  • open Control panel and navigate to Easy access C.enter
  • click on Make the keyboard easier to use


  • to disable stiky keys, disable Turn off stiky keys below Make it easier for yourself to type
  • then click on Set up stiky keysdeselect Turn Sticky Keys on when SHIFT is pressed five times and click on Apply> OK

  • to disable, disable filter keys Turn on Filter Keys
  • then click on Set up filter keysdeselect Turn on the filter buttons when you are on the right SHIFT is pressed for 8 seconds and click on OK

Note: Windows XP users can disable Sticky Keys and Filter Keys in Control Panel> Accessibility.


How to disable sticky / filter keys in Windows 7 and Windows Vista

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