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From a distance, Tim Ferriss seems like someone who has figured out life and achieved so much that he spends most of his time helping others as best they can. He either does this through his many self-help books, podcasts, or as an angel investor. What you can only read about when you learn about this man is that he did not come from a wealthy family and, like many of us, had to fight demons to get where he is today. Join us when we look at his life and everything he has achieved so far.

Tim Ferriss Biography (Age)

Tim Ferriss was born on July 20, 1977 in East Hampton, New York, to low-income parents whose names are unknown. Ferriss' parents didn't make or have much money, which means they couldn't give their child anything they wanted. However, they made sure that he always bought books to read which, in his opinion, helped develop his love of learning.

When he was about 8 years old, his mother enrolled him in wrestling classes because he was bullied by other children because of his size. With the help of his grandparents and academic scholarships, Ferriss was able to attend St. Paul's School, an elite boarding school in Concord New Hampshire. There he was able to spend a year as an exchange student in Japan. His experience in the East Asian country sparked his interest in getting to know other cultures. As a result, he decided to study East Asian Studies at Princeton University.

During his time at Princeton, Tim Ferriss became disaffected with life as he suffered from depression and contemplated suicide. Eventually, he decided to take a year off in China to do odd jobs and teach Japanese before graduating in 2000. After graduating, Ferriss worked in the sales department of a data storage company before deciding to move to Silicon Valley, California to start his company, and the rest of it became history.

His capital

According to the Celebrity Net Worth website, TimFerriss has an estimated net worth of $ 100 million. The writer, who worked for a data storage company before building his own internet business and later becoming an early stage investor, made a large chunk of his fortune from selling his company. BrainQUICKEN to a London-based private equity firm and from the sale of his books. He has written five books to date, two of which have been New York Times bestsellers. His notable works include The 4-Hour Work Week, The 4-Hour Body, The 4-Hour Cook, Tools of the Titans, and Tribe of mentors.

The media star is said to continue to be small holdings in companies such as Twitter, Uber and Facebook. With such enormous wealth, it is not surprising that Ferriss frequently spends money supporting charities and other important causes that are close to his heart. As a member of the National Advisory Board of the nonprofit public school DonorsChoose, he has helped raise more than $ 250,000 for teachers and teaching projects in underfunded public schools. It also funded around 145 school projects that were posted on the DonorsChoose website.

These efforts earned him the BUILDer Award for Innovation and Entrepreneurship from the non-profit BUILD Boston. Another notable charitable drive he's made is donating up to $ 100,000 to the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine for research into psychedelics for the treatment of major depression.

Does Tim Ferriss have a wife or girlfriend?

Exact details about Tim Ferriss' love life are not publicly known. While there are no signs that he is married, it is also not clear whether he is currently in a relationship. In 2015 the author implied he was in a relationship when he told his followers on social media that he and his half-Indian girlfriend were debating whether Indians would rather be called "Indian" or "Asians". Since then, Ferriss has never spoken about having a partner, and he has been careful to keep his mouth shut when asked such personal questions.


Tim Ferriss' height and other body measurements seem to be a matter of mystery, which is quite unusual given the fact that he is a celebrity. All we have been able to determine regarding his size are estimates based on photos of him standing alongside other celebrities of known and documented measurements. After a long comparison of photos with numerous other celebrities, it was estimated that Ferriss was about 5 feet 9 inches tall.

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