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All under 10,000 euros: Germany's cheapest new car

Yes, okay. That sounds a bit mean in the opening credits. We do not want to claim that the fun factor of the cars presented here is zero per se. But you will agree with us when we say that driving fun was probably not among the top three in the specifications. If you definitely want to spend less than 10,000 euros on a new car at a dealer in Germany, you can choose from six models. One of them is clean, one spacious, one well equipped, one fast on the road - so there should be something for every preference.

The price breaker

Let's start with the cheapest car on the market - the Dacia Sandero "Access" for 6,990 euros. Anyone who orders this car naked will at least receive LED daytime running lights, hill start assist, a start-stop system, a gearshift indicator and the choice between arctic white and marine blue as standard. Not a matter of course, as you will see. Like all cars in this price segment, the five available gears are sorted manually. Under the hood is a one-liter, three-cylinder gasoline engine with 73 hp and 95 Newton meters of maximum torque. It goes to 100 km / h in a leisurely 15.1 seconds and continues at a maximum of 58 km / h until the Vmax is reached. The tank holds 50 liters, of which 5.1 are used on average per 100 kilometers. The trunk has a decent size of 320 liters and can be increased to up to 1,200 liters by folding down the seats.