Ant is a real word

For this reason, various aspects of behavior are experimentally analyzed by the participating groups - from the level of genes, molecules, nerve cells, physiology and the brain to the recording of behavioral patterns and investigations of evolutionary causes.

The research focuses on insects, especially the fruit fly Drosophila and various social insects such as ants and bees.

The aim of this research focus is to elucidate basic principles of behavior control, from simple behavioral patterns such as locomotion, eating behavior, phototaxis and odor orientation to higher performance such as learning, memory, cognitive processes, social interaction and their evolution.

Research groups in this focus investigate various aspects of behavior at different levels - from genes, molecules, neurons, physiology and the brain to behavioral patterns and their evolutionary origin.

The groups mainly focus on insect models, in particular Drosophila and social insects like ants and bees.

The central goal of this research focus is to understand fundamental principles underlying the control of behavior, from simple patterns like locomotion, feeding, phototaxis and olfactory orientation to higher order processes like learning, memory, cognition, social interactions and their evolutionary origin.