Can a woman repel a coyote

What if I meet a wolf?

You would probably more likely expect to spot a pink flamingo in the village pond than a wolf in the German forest, but what if that was exactly what happened? As long as your dog moves within 50 meters of you, the wolf will consider him to belong to you and leave him alone (as happened in Celle, see above). If your dog is very, very far away from you, he would be treated as an intruder by the wolf, which would not do the dog very good. Unless you have a mastiff or an Irish wolfhound, it would be hard to win a fight. Nevertheless: As long as you are within shouting distance, your dog can make as much noise as he wants, he remains undamaged. The reason is that a wolf depends on its health. A limping run would soon starve him to death. He will therefore think very carefully about whether it is really worth it to get involved in a fight where it will soon be gone anyway.

And your dog will be even more secure on a leash, no matter how rude he behaves towards a wolf. Their human smell protects him better than any repellant spray could. Even if some farmers do not trust the wolf to do it, with all the arrogance to march through a village during the day, he is not so crazy as to attack a child (everything else is fairy tale). Nor would he attack a bear cub. In both cases the following applies: even if the mother animal is not visible, the trouble is certain. Cat food is so much easier to come by. I don't pretend to know what makes a wolf march through a village. In any case, it doesn't happen often. But it is probably the same reasons that drive crows, raccoons and foxes to do so: There is food in abundance: in garbage cans, on compost heaps or on terraces.

If the wolf were really the man-eating monster from fairy tales, our house dog would never have emerged from it. The fact that wolves even adopt lost human children is no fairy tale, however. Supposedly we owe the Roman Empire to him, as well as the jungle book. But there are also several cases in modern times in which wolves have rescued children and even lost adults, fed, warmed and possibly survived for years in Russia as well as in America.

We shouldn't declare the wolf to whom we owe our dog a monster. The wolf is just a wild animal and just because we can't control it doesn't mean we have to kill it!