Who is the Best Neurosurgeon in Pune

There is no health insurance in India. Many poor people have to forego life-extending or life-saving operations. In order to still be able to help, the hospital society often foregoes payment. Dr. Jaydev Panchwagh and his colleagues are very committed to performing many operations without fee. Nevertheless, the costs for the expensive medication and the follow-up treatment remain. Many of the people in the slums or from the villages around Puna live on the subsistence level. For these people, the cost of extensive medical interventions is unaffordable.

Association from the Ostalb district supports neurosurgeons in Puna, India
Through events, donations and membership fees, Dr. Panchawagh was able to work successfully with the donated instruments. The board visited India this year. The use of newly acquired devices such as the endoscope was presented there. Around 300 operations have been performed so far, particularly operations on the spine. The microscope we sponsor is also in constant use and is used free of charge by the poorer population.

Aalen / Ostalb district Nine local development aid initiatives in Aalen received a grant from the city's One World Fund following a resolution by the municipal council. The city of Aalen has supported development aid projects all over the world for many years. The budget provides 15,000 euros a year for this. As of 2018, the municipal council has already approved 20,000 euros, reported Mayor Thilo Rentschler on the occasion of the handover of the check to the representatives of the promoted initiatives. “You are helping to ensure that people in their home country have the prospect of staying. Help on site is very important, ”emphasized the mayor and thanked the representatives present for their great commitment to people and projects in the countries of one world.

Neurosurgical Aid India receives 2000 euros for instruments for operations on the spine in the clinic in Puna.

Basking: The chairman of the Aalen aid organization, Neurosurgical Aid India, Sigmund Opferkuch, used the visit of a delegation from Pune, India, for a joint flying visit to Mayor Thilo Rentschler. Sacrificekuch founded the association around twelve years ago to support the Indian doctor Dr. To support Jaydev Panchawagh with donations in the procurement of medical devices and instruments for his neurosurgery clinic. To date, around 200,000 euros in donations have flowed to India. Among other things, a number of endoscopic instruments and a high-quality surgical microscope could be acquired, reported Opferkuch. The city of Aalen has supported the association for many years with funds from the “One World” funding fund. "It has to be a matter of course for us that we share our prosperity and wealth with the people who so urgently need our support," said OB Rentschler.

More information: www-neuro-hilfe- Indien.de