Where can I get authentic cinnamon powder

We love and appreciate spices

We love spices and make sure that our customers also feel the passion and love for these spices through our products. The entire process of agriculture, transport and packaging is selected and designed in such a way that the spices are treated with care, thus maintaining their quality, taste and aroma for our customers. We invite you to experience our spices and guarantee you 100% quality and exceptional freshness for every product you order from us. Our team works very hard to select the best spices from around the world.

Every product you buy from NatuRar is;

Of hand-picked quality

Our farmers and farmers' associations handpick the spices to ensure that they meet our demanding selection criteria.

100% organically grown

We only work with organic farmers and ensure that they can justify and prove their cultivation methods and processing methods with suitable documents.

Fresh from the farm (annually)

Every year we reserve and collect the freshly harvested spices to guarantee that our customers get the freshness we promise.

Treated with care

First, we buy directly from our farmers / farmers' associations and ensure that the spices retain their integrity and freshness when they are transported to our warehouse in Germany. For this reason, we follow special packaging procedures for our spices to ensure that they are protected from air, light and the environment during transport and storage. The result is farm-fresh spices delivered straight to your kitchen. If you want to experience the difference, try our spices that speak for themselves.