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Angel and devil

Monday September 29, 2014


from: L'Osservatore Romano, weekly edition in German, No. 41, October 10th2014


The struggle against the devil's cunning plans - who "represent things as if they are good", for which he even puts forward "humanistic reasons" - for destruction and dehumanization is "a reality we deal with every day" . And if we leave the place, then "we shall be defeated". But we have the certainty that we are not alone in this battle, because the Lord has given the archangels the task of defending man.

And Pope Francis remembered this role of the Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Rafael in the Mass he celebrated on September 29th - the day dedicated to her commemoration - in the chapel of the House of Santa Marta. At the outset, the Pope pointed out that “the two scriptures that we have heard - both those from the Prophet Daniel (7.9-10.13-14) as well as those from the Gospel of John (1.47-51) - to speak of glory: of that glory that descends from heaven, the heavenly court, of adoration in heaven ”. So, he declared, "there is the glory" and "in the midst of that glory is Jesus Christ". Indeed, Daniel said: “I still had the nocturnal visions: there came one like a son of man with the clouds of heaven. He was given rule, dignity, and kingship. All peoples, nations and languages ​​must serve him. "So this, so Francis, is" Jesus Christ before the Father, in the glory of heaven ". A reality that is taken up again in the gospel of the day. The Pope continued: So »said Jesus to the astonished Natanaël: 'You will see even greater things. You will open heaven and see the angels of God ascending and descending over the Son of Man. ‹« In doing so, »he uses the image of Jacob's ladder: Jesus is in the center of glory, Jesus is the glory of the Father. As the Bishop of Rome made clear, “there is a promise with Daniel, a promise is in Jesus. But it is also a promise that will last forever. "

The Pope then referred to "the other reading" from the epiphany (12.7-12). In this text, too, he specified, "there is talk of glory, but understood as a struggle". In fact one reads there: “A battle broke out in heaven; Michael and his angels rose to fight the dragon. The dragon and its angels fought, but could not hold on, and they lost their place in heaven. He was overthrown, the great dragon, the old serpent called the devil or Satan, who deceived the whole world; the dragon was thrown to the earth, and with him his angels were cast down. "

This is "the fight between the devil and God," explained the Pope. But “this fight takes place after Satan tried to destroy the woman when she was about to give birth to her son.” For “Satan always tries to destroy man: that man whom Daniel there in glory and who, as Jesus said to Nathaniel, was to come in glory. "

And »the Bible tells us about this from the beginning: about this deception with which Satan wants to bring about destruction. Maybe out of jealousy. ”And Francis canceled in that context under citation psalm 8 pointed out that “this immense intelligence of the angel could not bear the humiliation that a lower creature should be placed above him; and he tried to destroy it. "

“The task of the people of God,” said the Pope, “is to protect man within himself: the man Jesus. To protect him because he is the person who gives life to all people, to all of humanity. "And for their part," the angels fight for man to win. "So" fight man, the Son of God, Jesus and the Man, mankind, all of us, against all these things that Satan is doing to destroy him. "

Indeed, Francis affirmed, "There are many plans, with the exception of our own sins, but many, very many plans for the dehumanization of man, simply because he hates man." Satan is shrewd: report that too the first pages of the book genesis. He's smart, he makes things look like they're good. But his intention is destruction. "

Against this work of Satan, "the angels defend us: they defend man and they defend God-man, the higher man, Jesus Christ, who is the perfection of mankind, the most perfect of all men." the Church honors the angels, for they are those who will be in the glory of God - they are in the glory of God - because they defend the great, hidden mystery of God, that the Word became flesh. «Just» this want to destroy them; and if they fail to destroy the person of Jesus, then they try to destroy his people; and if they cannot destroy his people, then they think up humanistic explanations that are directed directly against man, against humanity and against God. "

For this reason, the Pope said, "the struggle is an everyday reality in the life of Christians, in our hearts, in our lives, in our families, in our people, in our churches". Because "if we do not fight, then we will be defeated." But "the Lord has given this task of fighting above all to the angels."

And for this reason too, he added, “the song of Revelation that follows this struggle is so beautiful: 'Now it is here, the saving victory, the power and rule of our God and the authority of his anointed because the accuser of our brothers who accused them day and night before our God was overthrown. '”His aim was destruction, and consequently there is this“ song of victory ”in Revelation.

With reference to the feast of the Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Rafael, the Pope underlined that this day was particularly suitable to address them and also “to address this ancient but wonderful prayer to the Archangel Michael so that he continues to fight to defend this greatest secret of mankind: that the word became man, died and risen. "Because" this is our treasure ". And so "we ask the Archangel Michael to keep fighting to protect him".