What are user interface elements

20 Popular WordPress UI Elements

A user interface (UI) is defined as “the means by which the user and a computer system interact, especially the use of input devices and software.” It is one of the more important web design concepts, but it is often overlooked.

Thanks to a good user interface, website visitors can find what they are looking for, what they have done, and most importantly, stay on your website. The moment your website's UI becomes difficult to use, the user takes the browser to another location.

To help you provide the best UI, let's take a look at 20 popular WordPress UI elements that will help you make your website more user-friendly.

1. Responsive FlipBook Plugin

Serve web content in a beautiful user interface with this incredible WordPress plugin.

At first glance, the Responsive FlipBook Plugin looks like a great way to display content with its cool bookshelf design.

But it isso much more.

“Easily create any FlipBook. Comes with: Bookshelf, Zoom, Print, PDF for FlipBook, Table of Contents, Hard Cover, Flat Design, Custom Styles, Lazy Load. "

Features are:

  • mobile zoom
  • PDF assistant
  • just print
  • rotten cargo
  • and more!

Build a full collection of online-based eBooks with the Responsive FlipBook plugin.

It's pretty amazing.

2. Content Timeline - Responsive WordPress plugin for displaying posts / categories in a sliding timeline

This WordPress UI is one of a kind and I love it!

The Content Timeline - Responsive WordPress Plugin for displaying posts / categories in a sliding timeline is the perfect solution for a variety of presentation types.

Features included:

  • fully appealing with SWIPE function
  • 7 embedded script control methods
  • 11 settings for easy customization
  • Keyboard bindings
  • and more!

Your timeline doesn't have to be a single string, either. This plugin allows more than one element per point on your timeline.

The Content Timeline - Responsive WordPress Plugin for displaying posts / categories in a sliding timeline is unique, beautifully designed and the perfect WordPress user interface for presentation in a timeline format.

3. UberChart - WordPress Chart Plugin

If you want to share data visually, it's hard to find a better way to create and present it than the UberChart - WordPress Chart plugin.

It's very customizable and can be instantly added to your WordPress installation.

"UberChart is an advanced WordPress chart plugin that allows you to create a wide variety of charts with exceptional customizability."

The feature set includes:

  • 240 customizable options for each chart
  • embedded table editor
  • Import and export data
  • fully appealing

And it includes ten different chart types:

  1. line
  2. Area
  3. bar
  4. Horizontal line
  5. cake
  6. donuts
  7. radar
  8. Polar region
  9. Sprinkle
  10. bladder

UberChart - WordPress Chart Plugin is impressive.

4. Theia Post Slider for WordPress

Turn your multi-page posts into easy-to-use and readable slides.

Theia Post Slider for WordPress works with existing posts and contains 60 different slider themes.

"... Theia Post Slider for WordPress converts your multi-page posts into slide shows, making them much more appealing and easier to browse."


  • uses AJAX with JavaScript fallback
  • Vector icons and retina ready
  • Titles, headers, and footers
  • SEO optimized
  • and more

This WordPress UI plugin has been given a lot of thought. The Theia Post Slider for WordPress offers everything from SEO to speed and ease of use to customization options.

5. Progress map WordPress plugin

The Progress Map WordPress plugin is feature rich. I certainly cannot justify it with this brief summary.

The vision behind this WordPress UI plugin is this:

"The goal is to help users with websites like hotel listings, property listings, restaurant listings, job listings, store listings, and more to list their locations on the Google map and easily navigate the map using a carousel."

And it delivers:

  • Search filter and distance search
  • Custom post type support
  • custom markers
  • 70+ card styles
  • Geo-targeting
  • Retina ready
  • and a lot more

Progress Map WordPress Plugin is one of the most robust map plugins you will find.

This plugin iseverything above the map.

6. Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin

If you need a slider, especially if you are looking for an easy way to create the slider, then you need to consider the Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin.

Animations, color choices, layers - everything is ready.

The types of film include:

  • Social media feeds
  • Media galleries
  • Hero blocks
  • Carousels
  • Slider
  • and more

The main feature that makes this slider appealing is the powerful visual editor. Sliders are sliders, but the Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin comes with a complete, robust slide designer suite.

7. Slick Menu - Responsive WordPress Vertical Menu

Smooth. Responsive. Vertical. Menu.

The Slick Menu - Responsive WordPress Vertical Menu is just that, with a little extra on the side.

“Slick Menu is more than just a menu plug-in. It can be used to create unlimited multilevel push menus or content sidebars with rich content, multiple style options and animation effects. "

Customize yours:

  • Background colors
  • custom fonts
  • template
  • Overlays
  • images
  • Videos
  • and more

Each level is independently customizable, so you can easily create great WordPress user interfaces without extensive design apps or code knowledge.

Slick Menu - Responsive WordPress Vertical Menu is a great option for vertical menus and more!

8. Cool Timeline Pro - WordPress Timeline Plugin

Add a timeline to blog posts, organizational history pages, and more with the Cool Timeline Pro - WordPress Timeline Plugin.

Create horizontal and vertical timelines with built-in themes and beautiful animation effects.

Features are:

  • convert any post type to timeline
  • Pagination for long periods
  • Create multiple timelines
  • add symbols
  • and more

Simple, clean and flexible.

The Cool Timeline Pro - WordPress Timeline Plugin is a great way to create a timeline from your current content or create a new, standalone timeline to make communicating with your reader easier.

9. LoftLoader Pro - Preloader plugin for WordPress

Sometimes you need more time to load something. Videos? Lots of HD pictures?

With the LoftLoader Pro - Preloader Plugin for WordPress you can easily add a loading animation to your pages.

It's pretty fancy.

Features are:

  • Set the minimum charging time
  • 18 CSS3 animations
  • works on all devices
  • built-in editor
  • and more

The LoftLoader Pro - Preloader Plugin for WordPress makes it easy to add an animated loading screen.

10. Superfly - Responsive WordPress Menu Plugin

Replace your current WordPress menu or expand it with the Superfly - Responsive WordPress Menu Plugin.

This plugin is powerful and easy to use.

"Superfly is a responsive WordPress menu plugin that generates space-saving vertical sliders / static navigation, icon toolbar or full-screen menu of your choice."

Menu design options include:

  • side, twisted and full screen menus
  • Picture backgrounds
  • static or anchored
  • Icon bar
  • and more

The Superfly Responsive WordPress Menu Plugin also includes display options to help you create the right menu for the right user interface.

11. Ultra WordPress Admin Theme

The WordPress admin will be adjusted. And then there's the Ultra WordPress Admin Theme.

This WordPress user interface enables admin adjustments on awhole new level.

White label branding is just the beginning:

  • Admin menu management
  • create your own theme
  • Import / export settings
  • and a lot more

The Ultra WordPress Admin Theme allows you to fully customize the entire WordPress Admin user interface.

12. Different menu on different pages

If you need different menus on different pages, you should use a different menu on different pages.

It also supports bbPress, WPML, WooCommerce, and BuddyPress.

Easily create multiple menus and locations based on:

  • custom taxonomies
  • Categories
  • pages
  • Contributions
  • and tags

It also includes a shortcode option to show your menu in the content as well.

The different menu on different pages is simple and useful in any WordPress toolbox.

13. Popup Plugin for WordPress - Layer Popups

As much as I hate popups, sometimes all you need is a popup. Popup Plugin for WordPress - Layered Popups is the easiest way to create and display popups on your WordPress site.

“The internet is full of boring popups. So it's time to break this trend. "

Features include, but certainly not limited to:

  • jQuery and CSS3 animations
  • Integration of social networks
  • A / B campaign statistics
  • 200+ popup library
  • mobile friendly
  • and a lot more

Popup types include:

  • OnLoad popup
  • OnScroll popup
  • OnClick popup
  • OnExit popup
  • OnIdle popup

And also features:

  • Sidebar widget
  • Link Locker
  • Inline form
  • and more

Popup Plugin for WordPress - Layered Popups is a robust solution that looks great to users and comes in handy for administrators.

14. The Team Pro - Team Showcase WordPress Plugin

The Team Pro - Team Showcase WordPress Plugin claims to be "the most versatile WordPress plugin available for building and managing your team site."

I think you are right.

Style options include:

  • Inserts
  • drawer
  • Circles
  • modal
  • table
  • cards
  • Grid
  • list

With these 8 presets, over 20 style options and clean designs, your team has never looked so good with the Team Pro - Team Showcase WordPress plugin.

15. UberMenu - WordPress Mega Menu Plugin

This is a WordPress UI element that I really like, but it's hard to implement.

With the UberMenu - WordPress Mega Menu Plugin, however, it's very easy!

Your WordPress menu will never be the same again:

  • Enhanced mobile experience
  • Just add pictures and symbols
  • Create beautiful menu layouts
  • Columns, rows, cards, forms and more

Tabbed submenus? Google fonts? Vertical or horizontal? UberMenu - WordPress Mega Menu Plugin has it.

16. Floatton | Floating action button for WordPress with popup content for forms or custom content

This isn't just another popup. While it does include a pop-up function, it does have a number of unique functions that make it on this list.

Floatton | WordPress floating action button with pop-up content for forms or custom content has a clean design and is one of those plugins that will always be nice to have in your WordPress toolbox.

"Floatton is a top-notch WordPress plugin that allows you to create a floating action floating action button with tooltip-style pop-up content to provide easily accessible content to the user on your website."

Use it as:

  • Comment and contact form
  • Cookie or legal consent
  • Subscribe to Newsletter
  • Shopping cart lists
  • Announcements
  • Evaluation form
  • Video code
  • Registration

And everything else you can think of!

Add some user interactions. Add Floatton | added floating action button for WordPress with popup content for forms or custom content.

17. StickyVideo for WordPress

If you've used YouTube on a mobile device, you've learned about its great UI / UX feature. When you start flipping away from the video, the video will snap into the corner so you can continue to watch as you scroll through the content.

StickyVideo for WordPress does just that by pinning videos to the page when users start scrolling.

"Boost your visibility rates with a technique used by CNN, Daily Mail, and the Washington Post that tapes videos to the side as you scroll!"

This plugin binds videos hosted by:

  • WordPress (self hosted in the media library)
  • Youtube
  • Vimeo
  • Dailymotion
  • Facebook
  • Brightcove
  • JW platform
  • Youku
  • Tudou
  • Wistia
  • SchoolTube
  • Break
  • Metacafe
  • Live leak
  • Archive.org

Install, configure and your videos will no longer go through with the StickyVideo plugin for WordPress.

18. Ultimate image hover effects plug-in for WordPress

Nothing catches the user's eye more than a tasteful image hover effect. And the ultimate plug-in for image hover effects for WordPress gets hover effects going.

No matter what WordPress theme you're running, you'll enjoy:

  • Grid and carousel layouts
  • 40 plus boxing animations
  • over 200 effects
  • fully appealing
  • and more

The Ultimate Image Hover Effects Plugin for WordPress has just enough options to be easy to useand Light.

19. Testimonials Showcase - WordPress Plugin

With the Testimonials Showcase - WordPress Plugin you can easily view and manage your customer, customer and supporter reports.

Testimonials never looked this good.

Features are:

  • Over 15 layout customization options
  • Grid or slider layout
  • Star rating system
  • and more

The Testimonials Showcase - WordPress Plugin also includes front-end submissions.

20. WP Logo Showcase Responsive Slider Pro

It's time to step up your portfolio page. It's time for WP Logo Showcase Responsive Slider Pro.

This WordPress plugin is designed to represent the work of a designer, but it can also be used to display customer and partner logos or other elements that fit into this type of user interface.

This responsive slider offers:

  • contains both a slider and a grid widget
  • Tooltip and custom animation options
  • over 15 predefined designs
  • Drag and drop admin
  • and more

Some sliders try to offer it all, while WP Logo Showcase's Responsive Slider Pro focuses on a specific niche and style of slider and nails it perfectly.


With a good user interface, your website can often be damaged. You can have great layout, colors, and content, but if you don't have a good user interface, your users won'tto use your website.

These 20 popular WordPress UI elements from Envato Market are certainly worth considering, but if you still can't figure out what works best, get into development with the WordPress Plugin Development Essentials, the WordPress Hacker's Guide to the Galaxy incorporate or some helpful eBooks such as useful tricks and techniques for WordPress or mastering WordPress.

What are your favorite and most effective elements of the WordPress user interface?