What does a coworking space need

Furnishing in the coworking space: create central locations for networking

A couple of desks, desks, chairs, internet and a coffee machine - this is how you can set up a coworking space. But it doesn't create much more than a spartan workplace. In order to turn an office into a coworking space, you need a lot more than basic equipment. Furniture plays a major role not only for work, but also for encounters in the coworking space.

Meeting areas are of great importance

In addition to workplaces, the meeting areas are particularly important in coworking. Because networking among coworkers is one of the most important aspects. Markus Kurz, managing director of phenobis GmbH, agrees. He founded this in 2010 with his business partner. Since then he has been planning and furnishing contemporary offices. He has been intensively involved with New Work workplace design for six years and has thus been able to gain a lot of experience in coworking spaces in recent years. "The networking in the coworking space does not take place at the directly assigned workstation, but primarily in a non-binding conversation in a pleasant atmosphere," he explains. He sees the café or bar as the central location of every space, combined with cozy lounge areas. "In these you can also meet for networking or exchange, but at the same time you have the opportunity to withdraw for concentrated work." Markus Kurz sees freedom, independence and participation in the community as central values ​​of New Work. “The latter in particular is not possible in the home office, which is currently highly touted.” It is precisely these values ​​that coworking spaces should support - not least through their furnishings.

Coworking space vs. conventional office

But what is the difference between a coworking space and a normal office? “New Work has not yet found its way into many normal offices. Very often old patterns are still used here. So in a single or double office and now and then in the conference room from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. ”, explains Markus Kurz. But with New Work, work and leisure flow more into one another. After work, people meet for a drink in the café or to network in the lounge corner. "In such casual situations, the best ideas for new things often arise." In Kurz 'opinion, a cozy interior is therefore essential in a coworking space. "As you make yourself beautiful in your own four walls, it should also be at work."

The furnishing expert also observes that more and more (large) companies have recognized the trend towards a more homely working environment and are also designing their furnishing according to this concept. This is of essential importance for companies. "Today, the salary is no longer the decisive argument for attracting good skilled workers, but the facility."