Who is a professor


In books and films, professors often appear as strange people who know a lot. One example is Professor Lidenbrock from Jules Verne's novel “Reise zum Mittelpunt der Erde”.

A professor is a profession. This is what you call someone who teaches in a school or university. Who can really call himself a professor, however, depends on the individual country. The word comes from Latin and means "to be publicly recognized as a teacher".

In Germany and many other countries the professor is a certain teacher at the university. If you want to become that, you first have to study and become a doctor. Then you need another exam or have to show in some other way that you are suitable as a professor.

A professor has special rights when he finds a job. This is called a professorship or chair. The professorship has a specific topic, such as the history of the Roman Empire. Otherwise, a professor can more or less decide for himself what and how he wants to teach.

In Austria, for example, this is often used to address a school teacher. In France, “professeur” is the normal word for a teacher. In such countries, if you mean someone who is a professor at the university, you call him a university professor. If it's a woman, it's called a professor.

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