All Bollywood actors are wrong

Shahrukh Khan is the second richest actor in the world

He is arguably the most famous actor in Bollywood and earns several million a year with his films. His income earned Shahrukh Khan now the second rank of the world's best paid actor.

The Indian film industry in Bollywood produces twice as many films as the Hollywood studios every year and can therefore make enormous sums of money with its films. The personification of one of her recipes for success is the Indian actor Shah Rukh Khanwho has made over 50 films on the subcontinent in his 20-year film career. Over the years, Shahrukh Khan has become the most successful and well-known actor in India, which is why this latest news is not really surprising: According to The Guardian, Khan is the second richest actor - and not only limited to India. The Bollywood star thus offered acting greats like Tom Cruise and Johnny Depp, who were on the list before Khan in the past few years. Unmatched in first place is producer, author and actor Jerry Seinfeld.

Overall, the Indian screen hero was able to book almost 31 million euros more on his account last year. But not only with Bollywood films like Indian Love Story - Live and don't think about tomorrow or Veer and Zaara - The legend of a love Shahrukh Khan is busy making money, even lucrative advertising deals flush millions into his wallet every year. These include contracts with Nokia and Pepsi, which, according to Forbes, makes him the best marketing face in India. Shahrukh Khan is said to have several such million dollar deals in the near future, as well as three other Bollywood productions that are expected to hit theaters over the next two years. The Bollywood star's streak of success seems to be going on for a long time.

Can you understand the success of Shahrukh Khan or have you always avoided his Bollywood films?