What is CP coin

Dragon coins

IT money is a basic component of believable play for many characters, such as traders, diplomats, aristocrats, but also farmers. The farmer who has his scythe sharpened by the blacksmith with his few bobbins. The nobleman who generously pays attention to the bards. The diplomat who pays for errands and information. The trader who symbolically closes the largest trade of his life with a deposit. Coins are eye-catchers in Larp and if you want to find some amusement after a hard day, you will find it at gambling, where you need plenty of coins depending on your luck.

Note on the dragon coins

The dragon gold coins measure 18 mm x 2.5 mm. The dragon silver coins measure 30mm x 2.5mm. The dragon copper coins measure 25mm x 2.5mm.
All coins are made of high quality zinc, galvanized with colored nickel and coated with an antique finish. Our coins see, feel and even sound like they come straight from a fantasy realm when they hit the ground!

From a purely legal point of view, these are medals.


  • not a toy, risk of suffocation
  • not suitable for children under 3 years
  • does not contain precious metals

Price per piece

The set contains 25 dragon copper coins, 4 dragon silver coins and 1 dragon gold coin.

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