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Insult: Again fuss about SPÖ mandatar Lazy

The Styrian SP politician Faul is said to have called BZÖ country chief Grosz an "asshole". Grosz calls for his resignation. SP Governor Voves thinks that Faul should "go deep into himself".

Again fuss about the Styrian SPÖ member Christian Faul: With the words "This asshole is definitely not welcomed in Weiz" he is said to have given the moderator to understand last weekend at the Mulbratlfest in his hometown in East Styria that one of his "favorite opponents", BZÖ - Country chief Gerald Grosz, should not be welcomed.

Faul himself weighed it down on Monday: He did not make a public statement in this direction: "I did not say hello, I did not say a word on the microphone and I also did not give any public opinion".

Grosz claims to have noticed the verbal ride out and recommended the SPÖ leadership to withdraw Faul from his functions. The "Kleine Zeitung" (Monday edition) reported on several ear witnesses who also claim to have heard the loud words. The two opening speakers, the mayor of Weiz, Helmut Kienreich (SPÖ), and that of Mortantsch, Alois Breisler (ÖVP), who also welcomed Grosz, did not notice anything.

Voves: Lazy should "go well in itself"

SPÖ governor Franz Voves asked Faul that he should "go deep into himself". If he used words like that, "that is not the style of politics that I advocate. Insight and personal apology can also solve such a problem."

There was a scandal between Grosz and Faul in May 2009. The Oststeirer had insulted Grosz, among other things with the words: "You are too small around the skull, where the brain should be", "With your level of intelligence you have no right to appear here" and finally "You are the zodiac sign Crocodile: Great Cardboard, little brain ".

Last week, Faul had made a name for himself at the National Council meeting by attacking a photographer and a cameraman. The SPÖ mandate announced on Monday that it would clarify the situation in the next few days in front of National Council President Barbara Prammer with witnesses from the security service and from the ranks of representatives. At his place of work he only wanted to protect party documents and after three requests to stop filming or taking photos, he "patted the reporters on the shoulder and tugged a little" at the Banderl (camera strap, note).