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List of terrorist attacks in Punjab, India - List of terrorist incidents in Punjab, India

date place incident 29th September 1981 Separatists kidnap Indian jetliners to Pakistan. All passengers rescued by Pakistani commandos. October 16, 1981 Chandigarh The IAS commissioner Naranjan Singh was attacked in the civil secretariat. He survived, but his brother, Surinder Singh ACSO of Defense Headquarters, was killed by the Sikh extremists. April 1983 The Punjab Police DIG AS Atwal was murdered and his body was rotten in Harmandir Sahib, the most sacred shrine of the Sikhs. He had come to offer prayers unarmed when he was killed. 5th October 1983 Dhilwan 6 bus passengers on board a bus going from Dhilwan in the Kapurthala district to Jalandhar, all of them Hindus who were killed by Sikh terrorists in 1983. Dhilwan bus massacre. In a separate incident, a police sub-inspector and tax inspector were also killed on board a train. At that time, more than 175 people had been killed by the militants in various incidents. October 6, 1983 Some Sikh groups announce the establishment of Khalistan The rule of the president is imposed by the Indian government to bring order to Punjab. October 8, 1983 The Punjab Police are given far-reaching powers October 14, 1983 A festival bombed in Chandigarh October 21, 1983 Gobindgarh Massacre of Hindu passengers by Sikh fighters February 9, 1984 Sikh fighters kill two Sikh men belonging to a renegade group and also bomb a wedding procession February 23, 1984 11 Hindus got off trains and buses and were killed by Sikh militants; 27 more wounded. January 1, 1984 to June 3, 1984 Different places in Punjab In the five months prior to Operation Blue Star, 298 people had been killed in violence. June 3-8, 1984 Amritsar 3000 (unofficial) people were killed, including Sikh fighters hiding in the Harmandir Sahib temple complex and army troops fighting against them, as well as civilians trapped in the crossfire between militants and the Indian army in the Golden Temple, known as Operation Blue Star was designated. September 12, 1984 Batala 8 bus passengers killed. May 10 and 11, 1985 New Delhi 85 people were killed in Khalistanis bombings that took place on consecutive days in different locations in New Delhi and the neighboring cities of Haryana and Uttar Pradesh. 59 people had died on the spot, while the remainder died from injuries after hospitalization. The terrorists used transistor bombs on a train and two buses. They also planted bombs in crowded places like the market and the public park. August 20, 1985 Sherpur Harchand Singh Longowal murdered near Sherpur Punjab. March 6, 1986 Kapurthala Many civilians were killed in indiscriminate shooting by terrorists. March 27, 1986 Amritsar Former Communist Party of India legislature Arjan Singh Mastana and his bodyguard were gunned down. March 28, 1986 Ludhiana Thirteen people were killed in indiscriminate shooting on Dresi floor, killing Kharti leaders, including Jagirpur Mayor Krishan Sood. March 29, 1986 Mallian, Jalandhar 20 workers killed by terrorists. June 8, 1986 Amritsar 9 people killed by Sikh extremists. July 25, 1986 Mukatsar 15 bus passengers shot dead. 17th September 1986 Phillaur Sikh extremists kill a Shiv Sena leader. October 30, 1986 Hoshiarpur Sikh terrorists robbed a bank and killed 5 people. October 31, 1986 Ludhiana 8 migrant workers and local industrial workers were shot dead in indiscriminate shots in the street of Daba. November 30, 1986 Khudda 24 bus passengers shot dead. January 87 Congress Sikh MLA Sant Singh Liddar assassinated. May 8, 1987 Sukhdev Singh, the son of the moderate Akali leader Jiwan Singh Umranangal, was murdered by the militants. In 1986, Jiwan Singh had carried out a door-to-door campaign in the Majha region, during which he met the families of the militants and asked for their help in persuading them to give up the violence. May 19, 1987 Tarn Taran Deepak Dhawan, the member of the State Committee of the CPI (M) June 14, 1987 Delhi and Punjab Sikh fighters killed 25 people in two attacks. July 87 Lalru 80 bus passengers killed in three buses on Haryana Roadways in Fatehabad. 3rd July 1987 Gurnam Singh Uppal, a moderate Sikh leader and president of the Punjab Unit of the Democratic Youth Federation of India, was killed. August 6, 1987 Jagdev Kalan 12 people shot. Before they were shot, the victims had to sing "Long live the Sikh nation". August 19, 1987 Jalandhar 11 people were killed by Sikh fighters, including a Hindu and his young son. September 28, 1987 Alawalpur 5 dead and 8 injured fired near Geetha Bhawan. October 20, 1987 Delhi 12 people were shot dead in different locations in Delhi on Diwali Day. January 15, 1988 Dhadial Nijhran, village near Batala 8 family members, including 2 women and 3 children, were killed January 22, 1988 Punjab 12 people and a Hindu leader killed by Sikh extremists. February 19, 1988 Gurdaspur, Hoshiarpur and Patiala Bombs exploded from Babbar Khalsa. 12 to 13 people were killed and nearly 50 injured. March 2nd, 1988 Bhaian 8 family members killed. March 3, 1988 Kahri Sahri 35 people shot dead, 50 others injured, shot indiscriminately at a festival assembled by terrorists. March 29, 1988 Bhathe (Kartarpur) 2 people shot dead by militants March 31, 1988 Rajbah Eighteen members of a Rajput family were shot dead under the police station in Rajbah village. April 2nd, 1988 Punjab Sikh gunmen stormed huts and houses across Punjab state, killing 37 people, including 7 children May 15, 1988 Samana, Patiala 26 people were killed and 100 others injured in various incidents May 16, 1988 Amritsar, Ludhiana, Jalandhar and Gurdaspur 40 people shot dead, 100 others injured in various incidents May 17, 1988 Kharar 35 workers massacred. May 24, 1988 Dhaliwal (Nakodar) 6 family members murdered. June 19, 1988 Kurukshetra 2 bombs that were detonated in a shop during the TV show Ramayana (TV series), killing 15 people. June 21, 1988 New Delhi Bomb Blast Kills 3 In New Delhi Market. June 22, 1988 Raman Mandi, Bathinda Social worker Baldev Raj Mittal shot dead September 7, 1988 Rure Aasal (Amritsar District) 15 rail passengers killed, 25 injured at Rure Aasal station. June 25, 1989 Moga 27 Swayamsevaks of the RSS participating in the daily Shakha in Nehru Park were shot dead by some Khalistani terrorists who came on motorcycles, put up provocative slogans and started shooting at random. January 19, 1990 Ballagan, Amritsar 8 Hindu villagers shot down by militants March 7, 1990 Abohar 32 shot dead at random shooting in a crowded market May 30, 1990 Ferozepur Sikh extremists kill 10 in an attack on the market. May 28, 1990 The Khalistan Commando Force attacked a farm, killing 13 migrant workers, including 11 Hindus. November 22, 1990 Aliwal BATALA gsp Bankdacoity killed in Aliwal and Guard June 15, 1991 Ludhiana district 1991 Punjab murders, 80 passengers killed March 15, 1992 Ludhiana 18 people killed by Sikh militants. August 10, 1992 Barnala 31 people killed by Sikh militants. January 6, 1993 Chhichhrewal (Gurdaspur) 11 terrorists encountered September 11, 1993 Chandigarh 12 people were killed in a bomb explosion that was an assassination attempt on the Punjab Minister Maninderjit Bitta of the Youth Congress (I). February 25, 1994 Rajasthan Khalistan Liberation Force leader Navneet Singh Khadian encountered by Punjab police August 31, 1995 Chandigarh Punjab's Prime Minister Beant Singh, a member of the Congress Party, and 17 others who were killed by a suicide bomber September 6, 1995 Jhabel Amritsar Human rights activist Jaswant Singh Khalra was kidnapped from his home and killed by unknown men.

Jaswant Singh Khalra https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=jaswant+singh+khalra+speech Jaswant Singh Khalra was the Sikh who lost his life for killing 25,000 innocent Sikhs out of court.