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Dear book travelers,

Because of the sheer amount of data protection, I haven't had the time to look back on the reading month of April. I would like to make up for that now, in addition to the books that have already been reviewed, I have read others that I would like to briefly introduce to you:

  • Rotten harvest // Angela L. Forster

Lazy harvest is a crime novel by Angela L. Forster, published in 2018 by Midnight and the fifth case for Petra Taler. A solid crime thriller with an unspectacular criminal case and investigators with whom the reader does not really warm up. The investigations are lengthy and the story often gets lost in trivialities.

  • The Dark Archives // Genevieve Cogman

The dark archive is a fantasy novel by Genevieve Cogman and the fourth part of the series about the invisible library, published in 2018 by Bastei Lübbe. A fast-paced fantasy adventure with a tough protagonist and original ideas that guarantees entertaining reading hours.

  • The light of forty moons // Nadia Hashimi

The light of forty moons is a novel by Nadia Hashimi, published in 2018 by Bastei Lübbe. Nadia Hashimi tells the impressive story of a convicted woman and clearly shows the legal system of Afghanistan. An exciting and realistic novel that touches and shakes. Worth reading!

  • Feiy - In the light of the moon // Juliane Maibach

Feiy-Im Licht des Mondes is a fantasy novel by Juliane Maibach and was published by Amazon Publishing in 2018. Feiy-In the light of the moon convinces with a fast-paced story, magical beings and a tough protagonist. The main characters are well drawn and, despite their differences, both are sympathetic in their own way, so that the reader is happy to embark on a journey with them. The story is mysterious, exciting and entertaining and gives the world of fairies a dark appearance. All in all, a successful start to a fantasy series, lively, gripping and imaginative.

  • Silver Wings // Emily Bold

Silver Wings Heiress of Light is a fantasy novel by Emily Bold, published in 2017 by Planet! Emily Bold tells the exciting and magical story of fantastic beings, a fateful encounter and forbidden feelings. She uses a few clichés, but convinces with a well thought-out story, imaginative ideas and a lively writing style. A successful start to a youth fantasy series, exciting, romantic and imaginative.

Also in April there were books that were allowed to move in with me, because they had been on my wish list for a long time or I was longing for the publication date:

  • Word Guardian // Akram El-Bahay // Überreuter Verlag

Blurb: In his uncle David's winding estate, there is neither internet nor a television, just a lot of books - absolutely boring, Tom thinks. Then he stumbled upon something very strange in the cellar: a page of a book on which words appear and disappear as if by magic. They seem to be telling exactly what he is seeing, thinking or doing - and warning him to hide quickly. Indeed: at the same moment a stranger appears and kidnaps Tom's uncle. Before he knows it, Tom is embarking on an adventure in which an old secret society, the statues of famous authors and a girl who is hungry for reading play a major role. He has to solve four puzzles and find four parts of a mighty golden feather in widely scattered places in order to avoid great disaster and to save Uncle David ...

  • How to stop time // Matt Haig // dtv Verlag

Blurb: Nobody teaches history as vividly as he does - and there is a good reason for that: Tom Hazard, history teacher and eccentric loner, looks like 40, but is actually over 400 years old. He experienced the Elizabethan era in England, Captain Cook's expeditions in the South Seas, the writers and jazz musicians of the Roaring Twenties in Paris and assumed a new identity every eight years. One thing he has always been over the centuries: lonely. Because being close to other people would have been extremely dangerous. But now Camille comes into his life. And with that everything changes.

  • The girl who read in the metro // Christine Féret-Fleury // Dumont Verlag

Blurb: Every morning Juliette sits in the metro on the way to her monotonous work in a broker's office and immerses herself in the worlds of her novels. Sometimes she goes in search of lost time with Marcel Proust, sometimes she accompanies Hercule Poirot on the Orient Express to Istanbul - sometimes she just watches the people around her who are absorbed in her reading. It is the books that add color to Juliette's life. One day, when she decides to get off two stops earlier, she meets the quirky Soliman, who lives with his daughter Zaïde in the midst of his stacks of books. Soliman believes that any book, when delivered to the right person, has the power to change a life. Chosen messengers deliver this precious cargo for him to those who need it. Soon Juliette becomes a messenger, and for the first time the books have a real impact, including on her fate.

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