What can you claim for personal injury

Compensation after an accident: what can you expect?

It happens in the course of an accident Damage to property and / or personal injury, you can assert various claims.

These are next to the Repair costsalso such for one Rental car, which may be required for the period of repair, in the form of personal injury compensation or for other expenses, for example for the tow away or recovery of the accident car.

But how does she see Compensation after an accident specifically? Which factors play a role? And who pays whose compensation in the event of an accident? Find out in the following guide what is meant by compensation in legal and insurance terms and to what extent you can request it.

Further information on compensation after an accident

When do you get any compensation at all?

When settling claims following an accident, the basic principle is Question of guilt of great importance. Because that is what decides whose insurance, what costs, in what amount takes over.

In this regard, you should know that the own liability insurance all those Compensation for damage caused to the victim of the accidentif you are identified as the polluter. But the situation is not always that simple. If a partial culpability is determined, the costs are divided accordingly between the parties involved in the accident.

However, have you followed the traffic rules and are you? Accident victim, can you a Demand compensation from the other party involved in the accident. In doing so, you can also make use of the assertion of claims for damages contact the opposing liability insurance company directly.

It should be noted that compensation after the accident is usually in the form of a Cash benefit he follows. You get this at Compensation for disadvantages and limitations sufferedbased in a car accident.

Alternatively the concept of compensation is also frequently used "Damages" used. The term claim for damages plays an important role, especially with regard to civil law matters, whereas the Compensation usually for damage caused by the public sector relates.

Accident: what compensation does the insurance company pay?

As mentioned above, there are different damage positionsthat can be paid out as compensation after an accident. Are there the following categories are decisivewhen it comes to determining what compensation will be paid after the accident.

Damage in the areas:

  • health
  • Additional requirement
  • Acquisition
  • Housekeeping

If you request compensation after an accident, it must first be clarified to what extent there is damage and where it is located is (as in the case of health or in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčincapacity for work and the associated loss of earnings). On this basis, the compensation can be made in cash.

The following damage items can be paid out as compensation after an accident:

Whose insurance covers the costs?

In principle, you are calling for them Compensation after an accident from the perpetrator or his liability insurance. This is as a result of the damage report consider which claims are justified are or not. As a rule, an expert is also called in to examine the damage to the vehicle and to calculate the residual and replacement value.

Go the accident damage over 750 euros beyond, it is no longer one Minor damage and you have the option of one to hire their own expert. This will especially come into play when there are doubts about certain positions.

Refuses liability to pay compensation to the opponent at all after an accident, it is advisable to use a Lawyer to turn on.

You may be able to use the Compensation after an accident also directly from the opposing party claim. This is the case when the Negligent cause of the accident has acted and himself whose insurance refuses to pay.

FAQ: Compensation for Accidental Damage

Who can claim accident compensation from whom?

The victim of the accident can contact the person who caused the accident or his / her liability insurance and demand compensation for the damage incurred. The perpetrator himself can at most assert his own damage against his comprehensive insurance.

What damage will I get replaced?

The claim for damages includes z. B. Compensation for damage to health and repair costs for the accident vehicle. We have compiled further positions for you here.

Am I also entitled to compensation if I am partly to blame for the accident?

If the injured party is partially responsible for the accident, his or her right to compensation is reduced accordingly.