What card games can elementary school students play

Card games for kids: the best games for all ages

Children get bored, especially in the cold half of the year or on rainy days. With a few nice card games for children, the time can be bridged quickly.

But which game is suitable at which age? Are there special games for young children?

In our guide we have several classic as well as new children's games put together. You will learn what simple games there are and how children learn with fun with the help of games.

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1. Card games for children are very popular

Adults and children like to play cards.

There are numerous different games that have a different focus. Numerous skills are required, so that some games can be played by very young children, while other games are only interesting from the age of 10 or 12.

According to current statistics, retailers will achieve an expected turnover of 95 million euros in 2018 only with card games. In 2010, sales in this area were still around half.

Not only card games for children are in the program of the big publishers. Many adults rediscover their desire for card games for two or more people. There are also countless games that are a challenge for children and adults alike.

2. Educational games for young children

The children's game of 2017:

There is no separate category for the card game of the year. However, if you are looking for an excellent game you should take a look the board gameIcecoolthrow.
Good illustrations, extensive equipment and a steep learning curve inspired the jury for the game of skill.

It is often a little more difficult to deal with playing cards in the first few years. It is especially difficult for children to hold a whole sheet of paper at first. The first card games for children are therefore suitable from around the age of four.

If you don't want to do without playing cards even sooner, give preference to games that have the Combine different types of play of dice, placing and holding cards.

Here, for example, the classic is suitable Orchard. The game from Haba consists of puzzle pieces, a cube and various fruits. In contrast to many other games, the players work together in this game.
The feeling of togetherness is strengthened by working together. At the same time, the little ones learn about colors and fruits and how to follow the rules of the game.

As the first real card games are suitable

  • Quartet (e.g. about farm animals, wild animals or nature)
  • Black Peter (Available in different versions from Ravensburger, for example with a chimney sweeper, a black sheep or as a Black Thekla in the Maya the Bee variant)
  • Mau Mau in the children's version
  • The mouse children's playing cards, with which you can play cheating, swimming, beggar and also Mau Mau

Quartet are best used in games for two. Mau Mau or Schwarzer Peter, on the other hand, are much more fun with several children.

Tip: If children have to hold a lot of cards during a game, a card holder is a good little aid to get started.

3. Funny card games for ages six and up

Uno is hard to imagine a game night without.

The UN card game is a classic and has enjoyed great popularity for decades. In the end it is a modification of Mau Mau, However, it is convincing due to its bright colors and some additional cards, while Mau Mau is only played with a classic game of Skat.

At this age, most card games for children are no longer a problem. Of course, you can also teach your children games like rummy or canasta. In contrast to some more modern games, however, these are rather lengthy.

You can find other very interesting children's games for children aged six and over in the following table:

Card gameBrief explanationNumber of players
LigrettoIn this card game, speed is paramount. A round is over in a few minutes.
The aim of the game is to discard all of your cards as quickly as possible. The specialty is that in this game you do not play one after the other, but in parallel.The first couple of laps this concept takes a bit of getting used to, but it's great fun afterwards.
At Ligretto, children learn to keep track of things and have to be very focused at all times.
two to four
BastardThe name is program. Each player in the round is initially given some clean pig cards. The goal is to turn the still clean and dissatisfied pigs into happy bastards.

With various cards you can make your own pigs dirty or those of your fellow players clean again.
Whoever is the first to get all of their pigs really dirty wins the entertaining card game.
two to four
6 takes!The numbers game delights young and old. First of all, all players receive ten cards. In addition, you form four rows of cards in the middle of the table.
Now the cards must be placed one after the other on the individual stacks. This is done by the player Place one card face down at a time and then reveal it together. If you put the sixth card on the stack, you must take all cards with bulls.
The winner is whoever counts the fewest horned ox at the end.

The game is ideal for developing a feel for numbers and tactics.
With around 30 to 45 minutes of playing time, this is it Card game much longer than the above two games.
two to ten

4. Card games for children aged ten and over

With Wizard, children become magicians.

At this age, the concentration is already much easier, so that the card game can take a little longer. There are more games with comprehensive rules that are often too challenging for young children.

The classic is certainly a must-have Wizard. The enchanting card game convinces with long fun and a clever game concept.
The aim of the game is to get as many points as possible. In order to achieve this, the players have to guess how many tricks they will get with the current hand before each game round.
Whoever can keep his prediction comes from the profit Wizard Step by step closer.

In contrast, that is compact game Hold on a minute a quick pastime for in-between. The author of the kangaroo chronicler Marc-Uwe Kling creates an interesting mixture of politics, society and pure fun with the card game.

The aim of the game is to thoroughly annoy the other players. Losing must also be learned and is definitely part of the program here.
The game, designed for three to five players, is all about a good eye and quick reactions.

Many card games are ideal as travel games for on the go. More and more manufacturers have switched to turning large board games into small, handy card games for which you need less time and space.

In the strategy game Catan- The fast card game collect victory points to outdo the other players. You can play the game, which lasts about 30 minutes, in pairs, but the process is much more interesting with three or four people.
If you are traveling with several people, you will need a second game to expand the card set.

5. Buy card games for children online

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Card games for kids: the best games for all ages
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