How do I write good arguments

Write an argument

Planning leads to success

With an argument you want to convince someone of your opinion or at least give them food for thought.
You can only achieve this if your arguments logical in terms of content and thus powerful are. A well thought-out structure will help you. With it you can guide the reader through your thoughts and slowly but surely draw them to your side. So take the time to carefully plan your reasoning. It is worth it ..

As an overview

The following steps represent the writing plan for an argument:

  1. Topic analysis and material collection
  2. Order of the material and structure
  3. Formulate an introduction
  4. Execute arguments in the body
  5. Write the end
  6. revision

Topic analysis

To begin with, you need to analyze the topic so that you know what your reasoning should be about. It is important to recognize from which sides you should bring the topic and which key terms can be recognized. Then you start to collect and research ideas and thoughts about it.

What are the benefits of taking a dance class while in school?

Make yourself clear what the topic is about:

  • The core of the subject is that Dance class.
  • This core is constrained by during the school time.
  • The topic question itself is limited to only the advantages.

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Fabric collection

Based on this analysis, you can start collecting the material. To do this, it is important that you are not just looking for a certain number of arguments, but really write everything downwhatever comes to your mind.
Only in a second step can you cross out weak points, summarize others or something inappropriate omitting.
A common method for collecting material is e.g. that Cluster. Often a simple piece of paper and a pen are sufficient.

At the Cluster you write a term or a topic in the middle of a piece of paper and then quote all the terms you can think of around the outside. Make sure that you don't think too much about the individual ideas as you write them down. You only do this in the second step when you analyze the cluster.

Order of the material and structure

Material collection for the question:

  • Getting closer to the opposite sex (social reasons)
  • Learn to be confident
  • promotes health
  • Learn etiquette (parentheses with the preceding terms: personal reasons)
  • Learning in the afternoon is neglected (shown underlined).
  • Relief from school mornings (arrow to health)
  • boring (deleted)

You can join the fabric organization Colours work or Symbolsto identify the arguments that belong together. When writing the reasoning, they should also be treated together.

In the structure it now depends on the arguments in a matching sequence bring to.

Formulate an introduction

In the following you can get to know three different ways of introducing an argument.
With it you present the topic and prepare the reader for your arguments, but without mentioning them. In the end you name the topic.

Pay attention to the structure of the introductions:

  • Introductory idea
  • Reconciliation
  • theme

Example 1: A personal experience

I just finished the basic course in dance school. Last weekend the prom took place, where our course could try out what we had learned in front of and with our parents. This evening was very nice because everyone was festively dressed and the atmosphere was very lively until the end. I was very happy that I did this course and will definitely also attend the advanced course. All in all, I find such a dance class very beneficial during my school days.

Example 2: An event

A dance school recently opened in our city. At the beginning they tried to win their new customers mainly through discounted offers. In the meantime, however, many of them go out on their own to learn to dance. That also seems interesting to me, because I see many advantages in taking a dance class while at school.

Example 3: statistics

A survey showed that over 4 million Germans often dance in their free time. Over 25 million said they do it every now and then. (Source: This makes it clear that dancing is a very popular leisure activity. I was very surprised. Obviously, there seems to be a lot to be said for attending a dance class while still at school.

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Execute arguments

In the main part of your argument you unfold the individual arguments one after the other according to the pattern you are familiar with:

  • claim
  • Reason
  • Example / receipt

Reconciliations between the individual arguments and main points can help the reader to maintain an overview.

Write the end

At the end of your argument there is the end. You get it with him Essential again briefly and put together your own Well-founded opinion Here one should no longer argue again, but rather bring the course of the argument back to the point.

In a dance course, it seems particularly important to me that you not only learn the individual dance steps, but also the manners and rules of politeness. And don't forget this, along with all the fun that dancing is. In any case, I'm already looking forward to the other dance courses that I will still attend.