What are the flowers in my bouquet

The 7 most beautiful cut flowers for bouquets

When you look into cut flowers for a bouquet, you will soon find that the choice is huge. There are so many flowers that it can be difficult to find the right ones for a beautiful bouquet. To you the Choosing the right flowers To simplify a bit, we have the seven here most beautiful cut flowers for bouquets compiled.

Gerbera - colorful and fresh for a long time

The Gerberas is a cut flower that is very popular with young and old. Above all, its many color variants and the long shelf life ensure that this flower is a welcome element in bouquets. The gerberas are available in these colors, among others:

  • red
  • White
  • yellow
  • orange
  • pink
  • pink

The gerbera, which is available with both large and small flowers, in the language of flowers means something like "you make everything more beautiful". It is not a specific flower for lovers and can also be given to good friends, brothers or helpful neighbors. These too versatile uses make the gerbera one of the most popular cut flowers for bouquets.

The rose - the classic among cut flowers

The rose is less versatile, but by no means less popular. Depending on the color, the rose symbolizes love, youth, beauty or loyalty. All of these positive meanings mean you can't go wrong with the rose. This cut flower is particularly popular among lovers - it is considered to be ultimate token of love.

In addition, the rose is very diverse in its appearance. There are both very small and particularly large roses that can be selected and combined with each other depending on the occasion.

Even if the rose is an absolute classic among cut flowers, it never loses its relevance and is staged again and again in a modern way.

The tulip - the herald of spring

There are worldwide more than 1,000 different types of tulips So it's no wonder that this flower is so popular. Like roses, tulips represent love and affection. Yellow and orange specimens can also be given away to good friends and siblings, because they express joy of life and positive energies.

Even if the tulip is one classic herald of spring it is now available all year round.

The sunflower - a sunny floral greeting

Of course, the sunflower should not be missing from the top 7 most popular cut flowers. The name already gives it away: if you give this flower away, you are giving away sunbeams. The extra-large flowers in the warm colors of yellow and orange make every room shine and are associated with many positive attributes.

As the sunflower for general Joy, fun and human warmth it can be given away to anyone. Sunflowers, for example, are the perfect choice to cheer up or encourage someone.

The lily - beauty and elegance

The lily is a cut flower that is particularly popular with women. The reason for this: The decorative flower stands for Beauty and pure love. In addition, the flower impresses with its long shelf life. You will enjoy the lily most when you buy it with its buds closed. These then gradually open and reveal an increasingly lush bloom.

The orchid - a special cut flower

Orchids are more familiar to most people as a potted plant. This is exactly why they look all the more exciting when they are given away as cut flowers. Similar to lilies, these exotic flowers represent pure beauty. Because of this, orchids are the perfect flower greeting for the wife or girlfriend.

The gladiolus - a giantess for bouquets

Gladioli develop their beauty in late summer. Mainly because of their size, they are among the most popular cut flowers. The flowers belonging to the iris family can grow up to one and a half meters high and bloom in many different colors. If you give them enough water, gladioli will stay Fresh for up to ten days.

Cut flowers come in all sorts of colors, shapes and sizes. That is exactly the reason for their popularity. There is simply the right flower for every taste and every occasion - you are sure to find what you are looking for in our top 7.


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