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Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, the Hindu Trinity

1. Pratiksha (Sanskrit: प्रतीक्ष pratīkṣa adj.) looking back; expecting, waiting for; Considerate (at the end of a compound word).

2. Pratiksha (Sanskrit: प्रतीक्षा pratīkṣā f.) Expectation; Consideration for (preceding in the compound word).

Different spellings for Pratiksha

Sanskrit words are written in Devanagari in India. In order for Europeans to be able to read this, Devanagari is transcribed into Roman script. There are different conventions on how Devanagari can be transcribed into Roman script. Pratiksha in Devanagari is written "प्रतीक्ष", in IAST scientific transcription with diacritical marks "pratīkṣa", in Harvard-Kyoto transcription "pratIkSa", in Velthuis transcription "pratiik. sa ", in the modern Internet Itrans transcription" pratIkSha ".

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Pratiksha is a Sanskrit word. Sanskrit is the language of yoga. Here is a lecture on yoga, meditation and spirituality

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Sanskrit Pratiksha - German expecting, taking into account
German expecting, taking into account Sanskrit Pratiksha
Sanskrit - German Pratiksha - expecting, taking into account
German - Sanskrit expecting, taking into account - Pratiksha