When did QVC stop being popular?

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Isabel showed her versatility very early on.
Isabel Edvardsson Olofstorp was born on June 22nd, 1982 near Gothenburg in Sweden. She embodies the modern type of woman who is present through appearances on television, top sporting performances and photo shoots. She sang in a band, loved horse riding and played on a soccer team. She was born with a talent for sport, because her father Roy Edvardsson is a carpenter and personal coach for dance sports and golf. In 1995, at the age of 13, Isabel started jazz dancing. Out of a passion for dancing, she quickly got into tournament dance in the standard and Latin sections. From then on it went steadily upwards.

The way to tournament dance
The Swede made her Abitur alongside her dancing career. At grammar school she was given two hours a day in the electives "Ballet" and "Modern Dance", training that paid off. "This lesson made my body very conscious and it was of great help to me later when I began to dance competitions," she says. Together with her dance partner Joachim, Isabel made it to the finals at major dance tournaments more and more often.

Wed 19 years old, she moved to Stockholm to expand her dance base and to learn from the best coaches. There was also time to study rhetoric, writing and theories of science at the University of Södertörn. "This basic academic training could be continued in Sweden with a diploma," explains Isabel Edvardsson, but unfortunately the day only has 24 hours and they are usually completely filled in her life.

A decisive change occurred in 2002 when Isabel's dance partner had to quit dance for professional reasons. For half a year Isabel was looking in vain for a dance partner and practiced her consequences almost always alone. She also worked as a company consultant for mobile phone contracts. Looking for the right dance partner
In February 2003 the dance partner was chosen for the youth world champion Linas Koreiva. After a promising trial training session, Isabel moved to Kaunas in Lithuania to build on her dance successes there, but: after only three months, Linas had to stop dancing for personal reasons. Isabel went back to Gothenburg disappointed and was surprised when she received a call from Hamburg in June 2003. The high-ranking trainer Asis Khadjeh-Nouri invited them to a trial training session. The intended partner for them was Marcus Weiß. From then on everything happened in rapid succession. The trial training was overwhelming, and so the Swede moved again: with only one suitcase to Hamburg.

On the road to success
Between 2003 and 2007, Marcus and Isabel danced over 70 tournaments, winning the German runner-up title in standard dances four times (2003, 2004, 2005 and 2007), becoming German Master in Standard (2006) and three times German Master in the Standard Freestyle section (2005, 2006 and 2007). They reached the finals at the European Standard Championship in 2005 and 2006, became Vice European Champion in the Standard Freestyle (2006) and won the European Championship in 2007.

"When it's at its best, you should stop ..."
... under this title Isabel and Marcus announced in December 2007, at the height of their careers, that they would withdraw as a dance couple from active tournament dance. A decision that they made not least to have more time as a trainer for the young dancers. TV and moderation
But Isabel had already found other fields of activity during the tournament: She had been selected as a dancer for the RTL program "Let's Dance" in the spring of 2006. With her assigned partner, the actor Wayne Carpendale, she not only danced her way into the hearts of an audience of millions , but she also won the competition and thus laid the foundation for her TV career. In the second season of the successful format, she danced with the soccer player Giovane Elber and reached third place. After Isabel had appeared in the German "Playboy", this followed numerous photo shoots and advertising contracts, and as their popularity grew, television also took an interest in them. She appeared in several shows, became Oliver Geissen's personal assistant on the RTL show "Guinness World Records", cooked at the celebrity dinner and appeared in the 100,000 euro show "Verbotene Liebe" (ZDF) and was in front of the camera in "Weg zum Glück" in 2008. The Swede has been under contract since April 2007 as the advertising face for the Kronoflooring company (LOGOCLIC) get me out of here, "Isabel finally announced. She took fourth place.

After this extraordinary excursion into nature, she drew attention to herself with presentations, an area that Isabel would like to expand even more in the future. Together with Danny Morgenstern, she moderated the German Masters (2008) and hosted the evening at the Zwickau Opera Ball. From 2009 Isabel can be seen with another project in millions of German living rooms: For example, she is a regular guest at QVC and, as a dance and wellness expert, markets products from ZUMBA fitness DVDs to homedics massage and wellness products. Two appearances for gourmets in the celebrity cooking arena at VOX showed the Swede once from her private side as a cook. Isabel combined television and moderation by filming a moderation pilot for RTL after she had qualified for this task at a casting. Isabel also showed her talent for moderation on "Celebrities at the Oktoberfest" for RTL Munich. The program enabled her to speak exclusively to numerous stars. This moderation was followed by other live presentations such as the one at the World Dance Gala in 2010 (for the broadcaster SWR) and the German Open anniversary gala in 2011. Passion for dancing remains
The Swedish all-round talent is still in great demand as a dance sport trainer in numerous clubs and dance schools across Germany. Her dance show appearances at countless events from gala balls to charity events are professional and full of passion. The thoroughbred dancer, however, is also sometimes on the edge of the dance floor: As an adjudicator, Isabel is a constant in the dance scene.

With her nice smile and a lot of persuasiveness, Isabel Edvardsson regularly advertises products from DS, which is a leader in the field of sports equipment. Many viewers associate Isabel with the product Rexona for which she has been in front of the camera since 2011. Despite all advertising contracts, Isabel lives out her passion for dancing to the full: In 2011 she was back on board as a dancer for "Let's Dance" and expanded her TV activities by becoming a jury member for the Swedish edition of "Let's Dance" has been.

Isabel has not allowed herself to be committed to an age target group. She recently proved this with her appearances in the Tiger Duck Club on KIKA and ARD in 2010 and 2011. What the future brings remains exciting, but one thing is certain: We will continue to see Isabel in a wide variety of activities.