How are career tests designed?

The professional and career tests for students and adults

Vocational test for students (BOT)

The career orientation tests for school pupils and young professionals support you in choosing a suitable apprenticeship or the right course of study.

Professional test junior

The job test for preparation for starting your career. The test is aimed primarily at pupils in the 7th and 8th grades at secondary schools, secondary schools and secondary schools.

Professional test for adults (BFB)

We have developed the professional test for experienced professionals (BFB) for people who want or need to reorient or relocate themselves professionally.

Potential analysis

Would you like to know which soft skills distinguish you and in which areas you have development potential? The potential analysis for specialists and managers will help you with this.

Educational institutions & companies

Educational institutions and companies use our occupational tests in vocational preparation or in personnel selection and development.

Occupational tests for migrants

The test procedures for the professional competence assessment and the professional orientation of refugees. Developed for training providers in the field of competence assessment and for companies in the field of personnel selection.

Content-related aspects of the gepedu occupational tests

  1. large number of the recorded characteristics enables a differentiated picture
  2. very good reliability (90% of all characteristics in our occupational orientation tests (BOT ST and BOT HMR) in the area of ​​interests, characteristics and competencies show a Crohnbach's α of over 0.80.)
  3. Additional characteristics surveyed: tendency to gloss over, content-related consistency of the answers
  4. Recording of competing characteristics by means of pair comparisons
  5. KSI - Many of the recorded characteristics are reliably measured using core items and the content is deepened using special items for an optimal job assignment


  1. Current reference data: all test procedures are re-standardized on a monthly basis
  2. large database for standardization
  3. ORG - overlapping standard groups, for an optimal fit


  1. Comprehensive and understandable graphic presentation of results including presentation of the spread in the comparison group
  2. short evaluation periods: on request within a few minutes e.g. B. when used within a professional coaching and assessment center (AC)

Test development

The gepedu occupational tests are continuously developed by experienced psychologists and checked in practice. Various educational institutions and companies rely on the processes of the gepedu in different projects.

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