President Donald Trump is fluent in Czech

Everyone is upset about the new US President Donald Trump. Only the Czechs can hardly regain their joy, especially President Milos Zeman. The reason is of a family nature. Ivana Trump, Donald's ex-wife, comes from the Czech Republic. Trump himself has been here several times. It should go with the devil if Zeman did not soon get what he hoped in vain under Obama - an official visit to the Oval Office.

Ivana comes from the East Moravian town of Zlin, from where the shoe king Bata once conquered the world with his products. In 1977 the model married the real estate billionaire and moved to live with him in the United States.

Trump himself has also visited Zlin a few times, most recently in 1990 for his father-in-law's funeral. At that time it was also said that the “iron curtain” had finally fallen with the visit of the model capitalist to Czechoslovakia. In 1992 the marriage ended in divorce. Ivana Trump said at the time that she had changed. She no longer wants to stand by the side of such a dominant man and look at herself more.

The marriage to Ivana Trump resulted in three children: Donald junior, Eric and Ivanka Trump, who played a decisive role in her father's election campaign and, according to observers, will be seen more often at the side of the president than his wife Melania. The children have a close relationship with their mother's homeland. They were often there all summer to visit their grandparents, with whom they always had a close relationship. Eric Trump says, for example, that his stays in Czechoslovakia taught him, above all, humility. Donald Trump junior speaks fluent Czech.

Since the former spouses should still have a good relationship with each other, after Trump's election victory, the ambassadorial post in Prague for Ivana was discussed very quickly. President Zeman, who had an extremely tense relationship with the outgoing US ambassador, got completely excited.