How did Martin Dougiamas develop Moodle

Moodle - what does that mean?

Moodle is a word that originated from an abbreviation and is now used like a verb. We too “mood” at our school! It actually means "modular object-oriented dynamic learning environment".

It is a dynamic learning environment in the form of online interactive information and learning courses that can be used from school as well as from your home PC or from any other PC with an Internet connection.

Moodle is a "learning management system" and is primarily used as a learning and communication platform, but is also increasingly used in project management and other areas. Moodle was invented and developed in 1999 by Martin Dougiamas at Curtin University of Technology in Perth, Australia. What began as an action by an annoyed WebCT administrator has meanwhile grown into a worldwide development and interest group spanning the globe. In numerous universities, organizations and companies, many computer enthusiasts are constantly developing new methodological and didactic approaches.

Moodle is currently represented in 193 countries using 75 different language packs, with a few new installations being added every day. Moodle is freely available to all users, it is open source software (= software that can be freely copied, modified and changed, as can be redistributed unchanged).

Moodle is a learning platform on the Internet with which you can deepen, practice and learn independently. It is only possible to log into the database with a user ID and password; the pages cannot be viewed by anyone outside the company. There you will find a virtual classroom and the links to the individual course rooms in almost all subjects. These course rooms consist of various learning courses. Whatever information is stored here cannot be lost on the way home or in the shallows of a school bag, no, it can be retrieved from any computer at any time. Depending on the subject and use of the course, you will find interactive exercises that complement the lessons and that have been created or put together by the teacher. These can be of various types of exercise such as fill in the blank, crossword puzzles, assignment exercises, tests and websites, often with results control and solutions.

Moodle requires students to take more responsibility for their own learning. In addition, a PC with Internet access is of course also necessary at home. Since we cannot assume this, Moodle will be a voluntary additional offer in the home area.

The question arises: Aren't students exposed to enough media stimulation these days? The answer is “yes and no”! But it is precisely the task of the school to teach children how to use the media responsibly and sensibly. The use of internet-based learning platforms is very suitable for this, especially since learning with a PC has meanwhile become a widespread form of modern teaching. And everyone knows that computers are very important to our children and that working on the computer is very motivating for them.

At numerous schools in Bavaria, including the Kümmersbruck elementary school, the use of the Moodle learning platform is now offered in addition to lessons.