Is there an insurance for crowdfunding supporters?

Current start-up dates

1. Before you start

Before you take the step on a crowdfunding platform, you should already have a following. Otherwise, you will get lost in the crowd, no matter how good your project is. But if you have a group of supporters from day one, your campaign will attract attention and get off to a better start.

2. Find the first supporters

In order to increase your reach before you even start, use the public. Try to spread your plan to friends and acquaintances via social networks. Do not be afraid to contact editorial offices. But don't be too pushy about this.

3. Videos are important

A visual representation of your project is of the utmost importance. Make it as easy as possible for potential donors to understand your project. The best variant is a pitch video in which you explain and demonstrate your project in an authentic and convincing way.

4. Show your face

A lot of crowdfunding revolves around trust. That is why you should reveal who you are and what you look like right from the start. The masses prefer to invest in projects that hide a face. When taking a step in public, take note of which target group you want to address and act accordingly.

5. Stage your project

The first thing to look out for on crowdfunding portals are images. Therefore, do not invest too little money to illustrate your product or project. Hire professional graphic designers or photographers to e.g. design or visualize a prototype.

6. Attractive pledges

In order to find supporters for your project, you should provide them with carefully selected pledges (thank you). Again, pay attention to the right target group. Pledges that are too expensive will not get a lot of feedback from schoolchildren or students. Think about what your target audience might find useful or cool.

7. Communication

Stay in constant contact with your supporters. Whether on Facebook, Twitter or your website. Anyone who invests money in something wants to be kept up to date. Plan an event when goals have been achieved. How to socialize. And who knows? Maybe this wasn't your last crowdfunding project at all.