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Savitar (Arrowverse) / biography



Savitar is a product of the Flashpoint timeline; after Barry Allen - the Flash - reverses this timeline, Savitar is written into existence in the new timeline. It is one of the many tempo reflections of the future version of Barry, which was created by him to help future Barry in the fight against the monstrous speedster Savitar. Savitar killed all tempo reflections - except the one that would become Savitar itself. Since the tempo mirror was not the "right" Barry Allen, he was shunned by the rest of Team Flash and never considered a real person, even though he shared all of Barry's feelings and memories. As a result, the Tempo Mirroring felt alone, excluded and broken and eventually decided to take revenge on the "real Barry".

He created high-tech metal armor and took on the title Savitar - the name of the Hindu god of speed; he thus became the villain he was created to defeat. He fought Barry in many times - driven by the desire to take everything that Barry had cost him. This includes Team Flash, which can drive Savitar apart, and Iris West - Barry's great love - who demonstratively murdered Savitar in front of Barry. In doing so, he gives Barry a heavy blow - which is the cornerstone of the decision that, as the timeline progresses, leads to Savitar being created.

Ultimately, with the help of the scientist Tracy Brand, Flash succeeds in banishing Savitar to the Speed ​​Force with a so-called Speed ​​Force Bazooka and there to create a special prison for him, which Savitar cannot leave. For Savitar, this banishment in the timeless Speed ​​Force appears as if he were forever trapped in nothing while his worst fears and nightmares haunt him. In an unexplained manner, however, Savitar can connect to an ancient artifact, the Philosopher's Stone, and try to manipulate events in the real world in such a way that they lead to his liberation. In 2016 Savitar begins to put this exemption into practice. His goal after his liberation is to stop Flash before it can stop him in the future. In addition, his main goal is to murder Iris West, since only Iris' death will ensure that Savitar will begin to exist in the future.

Speed ​​force imprisonment

Despite his imprisonment in the Speed ​​Force, Savitar can still influence the real world. He can establish telepathic contact with people, speak to them as a ghostly voice and let them see visions of those people who are important to them. Savitar uses these powers to plan his escape from Speed ​​Force prison. He looks for a henchman who can achieve his goals in the real world, and he finds what he is looking for in Julian Albert. He has just lost his sister and is vulnerable to Savitar in his grief. Savitar lets Julian see visions of his sister, who advises him to find the Philosopher's Stone so that they can be together again.

Driven by his visions, Julian searches obsessively for the philosopher's stone and finally finds it during an excavation in India. He finds the stone box that weakens the stone's strength and opens it. By exposing the stone, it enables Savitar to have a greater influence on the real world. Savitar takes control of Julian's body and turns it into his willless vessel. With the body of Julian he kills the other archaeologists and then brings him back to his hotel room, where he leaves Julian. When Julian comes to the next morning, he does not remember what he did under Savitar's control. From now on, Savitar takes control of Julian more often, which means that his memories are suspended for every period in which Savitar takes control. Julian eventually moves to Central City to escape his enigmatic past.

As long as the Philosopher's Stone is exposed, Savitar can briefly break out of his Speed ​​Force prison and return to the real world, but this effect only lasts for a brief moment before Savitar is sucked back into the Speed ​​Force. In addition, in the real world, Savitar is invisible to all people - with the exception of Speedsters; Speedsters can see him because like Savitar they are connected to the Speed ​​Force. Therefore, Savitar still relies on the strength to control Julian. Whenever he takes control of Julian, he speaks in the form of the identity Alchemy, in which role he creates a cult that is supposed to serve Savitar's goals and which Alchemy presides over as Savitar's high priest. Through Alchemy, Savitar shows his cultists visions of the future that are intended to consolidate his power.

After Barry Allen has created and reversed the Flashpoint timeline, Savitar begins using Alchemy to contact those people who had meta-powers in the Flashpoint timeline and no longer have them. First he sends them visions of their powers from the timeline so that people wish for these powers. Only then does he speak to them as a ghostly voice and tell them to find Alchemy so that the visions can become reality and they can regain their powers. For most this is very tempting and they seek out Alchemy, which gives them meta-powers with the Philosopher's Stone. For those who refuse, Savitar makes the visions stronger, more intense and more painful and warns that they will not stop until the persons have visited Savitar. By creating the Flashpoint metas, Savitar wants to expand his cult with strong henchmen, but apparently gives them the choice of what to do with their powers.

Working through Alchemy

As part of his plan, Savitar of the Speed ​​Force speaks to Edward Clariss, who was the evil Speedster Rival in Flashpoint, and cryptically tells him to get in touch with Alchemy. After being driven by visions of his other life and meanwhile being asked again by Savitar's voice to find Alchemy, Clariss actually begins to look for Alchemy and can finally find it and his cult. By using Alchemy as an avatar, Savitar can convince Clariss to wish back the power of his past life - the Flashpoint life - in order to be a speedster again. He transforms Clariss into a meta-being with the Philosopher's Stone and thereby makes him a speedster again.

A few next later, Alchemy accompanies Clariss to a confrontation with Flash and uses the Philosopher's Stone to kill Barry with an energy beam from an ambush. Alchemy can give Barry more energy hits and cryptically reveals that he is Alchemy and that he has come to help people reach their true potential. When asked why Alchemy is doing this, Alchemy replies that he is doing it to prepare the world for something. Shortly afterwards, Alchemy disappears, leaving Barry to Clariss. However, together with Cisco, Barry can knock down Clariss. After Clariss was locked up in Iron Heights, Savitar speaks to him, angrily claiming that Clariss failed. Clariss asks for a second chance, but suddenly a manifestation of Savitar breaks out of the Speed ​​Force, grabs Clariss and murders him.

Another former Flashpoint meta-being to whom Savitar is giving his powers back through Alchemy is Frankie Kane, whose split personality Magenta then tries to take control. When Magenta returns to Alchemy some time later after failing to completely suppress Frankie, Alchemy reminds her of why she originally came to him - to punish her aggressive foster father. Alchemy advises her to wipe out her foster father in order to gain complete control over Frankie's body. However, Magenta fails because Flash can get Frankie to suppress the evil Magenta personality.

The next destination is Savitar Wally West, who was the Speedster Kid Flash in Flashpoint. He sends Wally dreams of how he saves people as Kid Flash and prepares him in this way. In fact, Wally doesn't want more than to maintain this speed, which is only reinforced by the versions brought about by Savitar. Finally, Savitar speaks to Wally personally and lets him experience the Flashpoint visions himself while awake. He later uses an attack by another meta-being created by Alchemy, Shade, to distract Flash and allow Wally to come to him unobserved. Savitar's voice whispers to Wally that the time has come to give him what has been taken from him. As he continues to subject Wally to painful visions, he reveals that the pain will not stop until Wally has come to him.

As Savitar's visions become more and more painful and could cause brain damage in Wally, Team Flash plans to use Wally to stop Doctor Alchemy. So Joe West puts together a SWAT team to bring Wally to the place where Wally is supposed to meet Alchemy and his cult - the location was conveyed to him through the visions. Flash also accompanies the group to bring down Alchemy together with the police. The group reaches an abandoned subway tunnel where Savitar's disciples kneel in front of Alchemy. When Wally walks into the room alone, Alchemy welcomes him. Wally speaks of the visions he has, and Alchemy tells him that those dreams can become a reality. He claims that Wally only needs to pronounce the word, but instead claims that he wishes they all went away.

First confrontations with Barry

Alchemy whirls around and hisses at his disciples that the whole thing is a trap, but Flash is already racing into the room and defeating the disciples. Alchemy pulls out the Philosopher's Stone, with which he shoots a laser beam at Barry and throws him to the ground. As Alchemy rushes towards Barry, he hisses that Wally has been chosen before shooting another laser beam at Barry. Alchemy, who is now beating Barry over and over again with laser beams, shouts that Barry will never again stand in the way of what needs to be done, but it turns out that Barry let himself be defeated on purpose to act as a distraction. While Alchemy is distracted, Joe West shoots an energy cannon at Alchemy, who then drops the Philosopher's Stone.

The rest of the police now surround Alchemy and knock him to the ground. Alchemy lets this happen and ominously mumbles that it was a grave mistake. When Flash returns and shouts triumphantly that it is over, Alchemy scornfully replies that Barry has no idea what is beginning. At this moment Alchemy kneels in awe and Savitar breaks through the walls of his Speed ​​Force prison to invade reality for a brief moment. Since his true core is still trapped in the Speed ​​Force, only Barry can see him - Savitar is invisible to everyone else. Even for Barry, Savitar is only recognizable as a white shadow, because he moves so incredibly fast. Savitar frees all of his disciples and slaughters the cops before grabbing Barry himself and ramming him against the ceiling of the tunnel. While Savitar lets Alchemy touch the Philosopher's Stone and turns him into a speedster, Savitar's manifestation hisses to Barry that he is the god of speed.

He hisses that Flash may serve the Speed ​​Force, but that Savitar is the one who rules it. While Alchemy withdraws with the Philosopher's Stone, Savitar races off with Barry - he dives into the Speed ​​Force, overcomes the distance within the Speed ​​Force, and emerges again from the Speed ​​Force at the destination, which makes it appear as if it would it can be so incredibly fast that it appears in various parts of the city at the same time. Every time he reaches a goal, he throws Barry to the ground and briefly beats him before he races back into the Speed ​​Force with Barry. At the port they finally come to a standstill. Savitar throws Barry away and asks him if he's had enough, whereupon Barry gets up and attacks Savitar.

However, Savitar can dodge him with ease and ram him to the ground. The dazed Barry goes down and Savitar grabs his head and extends a blade from his armor. He mumbles that Barry is a thing of the past while Savitar is the future, but before he can stab Caitlin and Cisco jump out of a portal created by Cisco. Caitlin uses her cryokinetic abilities to freeze Savitar's entire body and although Savitar can free himself from the ice, he is immediately sucked back into his Speed ​​Force prison and disappears from the physical plane. Shortly afterwards he tries again to take control of Julian Albert, who tries in a panic to avoid it. However, he is confronted in front of the building by Savitar's Manifestation, who claims that only together can they ensure Savitar's return. He therefore takes possession of Julian and forces him to appear again as Alchemy.

As Alchemy, Savitar forces Julien to irradiate a dome-like building in the city with the energy of the Philosopher's Stone, so that all meta-beings from Flashpoint suddenly regain their powers and become servants of Savitar. The ritual is interrupted by Flash and Jay Garrick and when they confront Alchemy, Savitar breaks out of his prison again and lands between the two speed stars. Garrick immediately attacks Savitar and engages him in a speedster fight, while Barry confronts Alchemy for the Philosopher's Stone. In fact, Barry can defeat Alchemy and take the stone, but Garrick is brutally beaten by Savitar at the same time. Just before Savitar can stab Jay with his arm blade, Barry puts the Philosopher's Stone in the stone container Julien was carrying. At the same moment that Barry closes the box, Savitar's manifestation dissolves, as he is now completely sealed again in his Speed ​​Force prison.

Cryptic prophecies

In order to ensure that the box is opened again and that he can - at least briefly - enter the real world as a physical presence, Savitar Cisco has visions of his dead brother appear at S.T.A.R.-Labs and hopes that Cisco's grief for Dante will make him vulnerable. Dante begins manipulating Cisco, claiming that he can use the Philosopher's Stone to have Dante reborn. He urges Cisco to open the box, which Cisco actually does. Savitar immediately manifests himself behind Cisco, who cannot see him. When Barry races into the room and sees Savitar building himself up behind Cisco, Savitar hisses at him that Barry should bow to his god. He races towards Barry and begins to beat him up at breakneck speed.

Before Savitar can seriously injure Barry, Wally appears, who can now also see Savitar thanks to his new Speedster powers. He tries to distract Savitar, but when he tries to race past Savitar, he can grab Wally and throw him into Barry. Both go to the ground and Savitar storms menacingly at both of them as he extends two blades from the arms of his armor. At the same time, he maintains Cisco's visions of Dante so that he can convince Cisco to defend the case and keep it open. However, Caitlin Cisco can open his eyes and when he closes the box, Savitar immediately disappears into thin air. Team Flash now recognizes the connection between Savitar's presence in reality and the box.

In addition, Team Flash now wants to use the captured Julian - whom they have exposed as Alchemy - to contact Savitar. Cisco is making a hood for Julian that reverses his brain waves so that they are synchronized with the Philosopher's Stone and Savitar can speak through Julian; they realized that Alchemy most likely doesn't exist and it was Savitar who controlled Julian all along. Reluctantly, Julian agrees to do so and puts on the hood. He passes out quickly, but then comes to with a cold expression and speaks in Savitar's voice. He is annoyed that none of them are kneeling before him and that it would be appropriate to bow to a god.

Iris claims none of them believe Savitar is a god, and Caitlin asks Savitar how he knew so much about the team. Savitar scornfully reveals that he knows all team members - their fears, hopes and also their fates. He prophesies that a team member will betray the team, that one of them will die, that one will suffer a fate worse than death, and that Barry himself awaits eternal damnation. Barry asks out of humor who Savitar is, but Savitar only replies again that he is the future. When asked what Savitar wants from them, Savitar yells that he just wants everything from them - he wants to repeat everything Barry took from him.While Barry is still trying to understand, Savitar hisses that he will only kill Barry afterwards and that Savitar is what Barry's future self has made of him. While he is still screaming that he is trapped in eternity, but his release is imminent, Barry has had enough and pulls the cable out of his cap, whereupon Julian becomes himself again and - again - nothing of what Savitar has done has remembered.

Although Team Flash has no specific information about Savitar's imprisonment, they understand that Savitar cannot escape until he has the Philosopher's Stone. They therefore decide to make sure that Savitar never gets their hands on the stone and come to the decision to throw the stone box into the depths of the Speed ​​Force. This succeeds, but Barry unintentionally runs into the future and ends up in Central City - five months later. He is shocked to see Savitar holding Iris West hostage in a park and the Barry of that time begging him to show mercy. However, Savitar only hisses that he is finally free from Barry and rams his blade through Iris' chest. He leaves her dying and races away, while future Barry can do nothing to save Iris. The present-Barry sees this in shock before Jay Garrick pulls him back into his time.

Manipulation of Wally

Team Flash is now doing everything possible to change the future that Barry saw by trying to prevent the contents of a news report that Barry saw in the future. Because of his exile, they have nothing to fear from Savitar, but a few months later Wally suddenly has intense hallucinations from Savitar in broad daylight. In fact, Savitar contacts Wally, as he can only leave his Speed ​​Force prison if another Speedster takes his place. Wally is quite astonished by these visions, since the character Savitar only watches him and only appears for a brief moment. At some point, however, Savitar also begins to physically influence Wally and, for example, throw him off his feet when Wally is about to put out a house fire.

After Team Flash hears about this, Barry wants to speak to Savitar again through Julian. This again arrogantly demands that the team bow to him, but Barry has no patience and claims that Savitar is just as much a person as Barry himself. Savitar interjects that he is by no means like Barry, because Barry is cruel and is selfish. As H.R. Wells makes a casual comment, Savitar arrogantly asks him why he's still there and disparagingly claims that it's a shame that H.R. Savitar's attack will survive even though he's worthless and just a coward and a con man. Barry now wants to know where exactly Savitar is sealed and how long he's been locked up. Savitar cryptically replies that Future Barry locked him up in the only place he could think of and that he's been locked up long enough to have lost his mind multiple times - only his strong will prevents him from going mad.

Barry now wants to know why Barry and Savitar are enemies in the future and Savitar replies that they are enemies because they had to; between Barry and Savitar only one could survive. When Joe asks what they did to Savitar, he hisses that he is all he is because of Team Flash and that he didn't choose this. Barry asks when they will meet "the first time" and Savitar replies that it will be soon and that Barry will be there when Savitar becomes who he is. When Barry sees this as a sign that Barry created Savitar, Savitar corrects that he created himself.

When Barry contentedly claims that despite his self-imputed size, Savitar is still, and will be, trapped since the Philosopher's Stone was disposed of, Savitar implies that it is not. He claims that he is closer to his release than ever and that all he needs is one more thing to escape. He now speaks to Iris and claims that it is a shame that she has to die, but that it is imperative. He describes Barry's attempts to change the future as pointless and once again describes himself as the future. After all, Savitar claims that Barry suffered worse than anyone else and has suffered his entire life, but that it will be Savitar from whom he will never recover. At these words, Barry pulls the plug again and Savitar's voice immediately disappears.

Due to Savitar's self-assured manner, Barry tries to find out whether Savitar's cultists still have an ace up their sleeve and finds the box in which the Philosopher's Stone was sealed. The box is empty, however, as Savitar received the Philosopher's Stone when Barry threw it into the Speed ​​Force. To lure Wally to him, Savitar lets him experience visions of his deceased mother, but Barry can see through this vision. Savitar then appears to him himself and when Wally reveals to him that they still have a splinter of the Philosopher's Stone at S.T.A.R.-Labs, Savitar claims with satisfaction that it will soon be in his possession. He suddenly disappears and Wally races off immediately, because he is afraid that Savitar will get the stone splinter right now in order to break through his exile.

Release from Speed ​​Force Prison

Meanwhile, the rest of Team Flash can discover that Savitar is trapped in the Speed ​​Force and that only Speedsters have been able to see him so far. They also realize that they inadvertently delivered the Philosopher's Stone to Savitar when they threw it into the Speed ​​Force, so that now all he has to do is get the small splinter to be able to break out completely. At the same time, Jessie Quick races to the team and warns that Savitar's hallucinations, visions and manipulations have driven Wally completely mad and that he is on the verge of bringing Savitar exactly what Savitar needs to escape in his attempt to stop him .

In fact, Wally tries to create a portal into the Speed ​​Force on an empty industrial park in order to get rid of the splinters of the stone. Since he is too slow, Savitar appears to him, who tries to spur him on by provocation to run faster in order to be able to get through the portal. The plan works as hoped and Wally - determined to stop Savitar - runs fast enough to open a portal and throw the stone into it. He is immediately seized by energy tentacles that pull him into the Speed ​​Force with screams of pain. There Wally is forced to take Savitar's place in the Speed ​​Force prison and at the same moment that Wally disappears from the Speed ​​Force, another portal opens from which the triumphant Savitar crawls.

Happy Savitar perceives the ground and the air around him and sighs that he can finally feel things again. Barry, who was late to save Wally, asks in shock what happened to Wally, and Savitar replies that Wally has taken his place in the Speed ​​Force. He now reveals to Barry that he also unwittingly created the method with Flashpoint to free Savitar from his prison by creating Kid Flash. Therefore, Savitar also came up with the idea of ​​using Wally's ego against him and giving him his speed so that he can ultimately serve as Savitar's replacement. Savitar now hisses sadistically that Wally is gone and will suffer in an endless void for all eternity.

In frustration, Barry hurls himself at Savitar, but Savitar, who has already lived through everything that Barry has been through, can foresee every attack by Barry and block it accordingly. Instead of engaging in a fight with Barry, Savitar races off instead. When Barry takes up the chase and screams in hate that he will kill Savitar, Savitar replies that Barry would have done so in the future if he were able to. He mumbles contemptuously that Barry Allen doesn't kill anyone because he's the good guy, and that Barry simply has it all and yet deserves none of it. He claims that he will destroy the city and that even Barry will worship him as a god, but Barry hatefully shouts that Savitar is not a god.

He attacks him again and although Savitar shakes him off easily, Barry attacks again. He calls out who Savitar is, but the latter answers with his standard saying that he is the future. Barry can bring Savitar to his knees, grab him from behind and wants to tear off his helmet, but before he can do this, Savitar gets back on his feet. He pushes Barry away, extends the blade from his arm and rams it into Barry's chest. He hisses with hatred that he would so much like to kill Barry and that he will, but that he has to wait a little longer for Barry to witness how Savitar kills Iris. At the same moment, Barry lets his hand vibrate and smashes the blade that is stuck in his chest. Savitar then races off, leaving Barry behind.

While Barry infiltrates the Speed ​​Force to free Wally, Jessie tries, with the help of Cisco, to use Savitar's blade to locate him and avenge her friend Wally. In fact, the blade is still connected to Savitar and flies back to him like a magnet. Jessie follows the blade to a parking lot outside of town, where Savitar is already waiting for Jessie. He reveals that he knew Jessie was coming and reveals that he has been through all of these events. Angry, Jessie immediately races off and throws lightning at Savitar, which Savitar absorbs and reflects back at Jessie. He grabs Jessie by the neck and hisses that he has big plans for her. Jessie replies that she has plans for him too and rams the sting of his armor into his shoulder. She can penetrate Savitar's armor with it and injure Savitar, whereupon Savitar rushes off with a painful hiss.

Revelation of Identity

After Caitlin Snow has completely become the meta-being Killer Frost, Savitar seeks her out. By revealing his true identity to her, he can earn Caitlin's trust. He claims that he came to give Killer Frost what she desires. Killer Frost believes he wants to put her back in chains and give Caitlin control back, but Savitar replies that just the opposite is the case - he wants to make sure Caitlin never returns. Caitlin becomes Savitar's ally and after getting herself a new outfit that more suits her new character, Savitar sends her off to kill Tracy Brand, whom Savitar knows will develop the method in the future, Ban Savitar to the Speed ​​Force.

After a failed attack on Tracy, Killer Frost returns to Savitar. He is furious because Killer Frost failed, even though Savitar had predicted exactly where she would find Tracy and that Barry and Cisco would already be there. He claims that there may be more of Caitlin left than expected, whereupon Killer asks Frost if he's implying that she deliberately let Tracy go. Coldly asks Savitar if she is, reminding her that despite her name - Killer Frost - she has yet to kill anyone. Savitar hisses that they could both be gods and free from the pain and suffering of normal people, but that Killer Frost must urgently kill Tracy Brand to do so.

However, Team Flash can continue to successfully protect Tracy from Killer Frost. When Killer Frost fails in another attempt, Savitar races into the hall where she was defeated and races off with the passed out Killer Frost. While Barry later sits down with his family, Joe says something that makes Barry think and makes him recapitulate various confrontations with and statements about Savitar. Shocked, he realizes that Savitar knows everything about Team Flash because he has lived through all of these events himself as part of Team Flash and realizes that Savitar is none other than a future version of himself. Shocked and angry, Barry speeds onto a lonely road out and Savitar - who of course remembers when he himself learned Savitar's identity as Barry - shortly afterwards also races into the street to confront Barry.

When Savitar comes to a stop, Barry reveals to Savitar that he knows who he is. Savitar replies that it is time too and Barry confirms this, as Savitar is all about time. Barry now says that Savitar knows everything about Team Flash and its members - including how to use their fears and worries against them. He claims that all along they thought that they couldn't stop Savitar because he was one step ahead of them, but has now realized that this is not right. Barry concludes that Savitar not only knows what happened, but that he lived through it himself as Barry Allen. Satisfied, Savitar goes on all fours and opens his futuristic armor, from which he emerges. Grinning, he notes that he told Barry from the start that he was the future.

Barry contemptuously replies that Savitar is not so scary without the armor. He accuses Savitar of being a time relic, which he also confirms. Savitar reveals to Barry how Team Flash avoided him - the "throwaway hero" - and that in the end he was so alone that he wished the pain would end. He realized that only gods do not feel pain and decided to become one. For this he needed two things: Iris death, which would catapult him into the darkness and would create Savitar, but the second thing he needs he does not reveal to Barry. Barry now confronts Savitar asks what will happen to him if Barry kills himself, but Savitar replies that it won't make any difference. He turns to go, but Barry knocks him down and tries to break his neck.

At the same moment, however, Savitar's armor begins to act autonomously and attack Barry and while Barry duels the empty armor, Savitar jumps up and jumps into the armor. Both speedsters now race in a circle to create enough energy for a lightning bolt and ultimately both hurl their lightning bolts at the other. The lightning bolts meet in mid-air and when they meet, they unleash a powerful explosion of energy that knocks both of them off their feet. When Barry gets back on his feet, Savitar has disappeared. Now that Team Flash has learned that Savitar is a future version of Barry and therefore has all of Barry's memories from the past, Cisco develops a plan to manipulate Barry's brain so that it cannot store new memories so that Savitar cannot ( more) will know what Team Flash will come up with to defeat him.

However, the attempt fails, so that Barry has no memories of his life anymore. Accordingly, Savitar no longer has any idea who he actually is. When Killer Frost approaches him and wants to know what her next plans are, Savitar suddenly grabs her neck and hissing asks who she is. After that, he thoughtfully wonders who he is himself. Since Killer Frost realizes that there is nothing to be done with Savitar, she makes her way to S.T.A.R.-Labs to work with Team Flash on a way to bring back Barry's memories - and thus Savitar's memories too - which she succeeds in doing.

Murder on Infantino Street

Finally the day has come when Savitar will kill Iris. However, on the morning of the day, Savitar is still busy mending his armor, which Barry damaged in their previous fight. Killer Frost asks him if he really feels able to kill Iris, but Savitar replies that Iris has to die, otherwise he will never be born. Killer Frost interjects that he still has Barry's memories and therefore has to remember what it was like to fall in love with Iris and kiss her for the first time, but Savitar bitterly replies that he remembers it most of all to have been created as inferior life. Suddenly, Savitar has a new memory when Barry tries to steal a source of energy for a weapon with the help of Leonard Snart, which is supposed to stop Savitar. However, Savitar has no plans to take action, knowing that the Speed ​​Force bazooka can't stop him.

Finally, Savitar sets out to find Iris and take her to Infantino Street, where, according to Fate and Future, he will kill her. However, Iris was taken away by Team Flash without Barry's knowledge, so that Savitar does not know where she is either. To find out, he races to S.T.A.R.-Labs in a flash costume, where he pretends to be the Barry who has just successfully returned with the energy source. He casually asks where Iris is, and when H.R. tells him that Iris is on Earth-2, Savitar turns around with a cruel grin and reveals his scarred face. He immediately jumps to Earth-2, where he confronts Joe, Harry, Wally, and Iris. Wally immediately storms on Savitar, but cannot cause him any pain through the armor. Savitar, however, makes short work of Wally, breaks his leg and throws him away.

Now Joe and Harry open fire, but even their weapons cannot break through Savitar's armor.Savitar takes a few steps forward before breaking out of his armor. He races right behind the three and warns that if they don't put their guns down, they're all dead. When Joe puts his gun away, he tries to appeal to Savitar, but this doesn't convince him in the least. When Iris desperately calls out that she will come with him if he only spares Team Flash, Savitar scornfully claims to Joe that Iris at least accepts her fate. He advises Joe to do the same and races back to Earth-1 with Iris. He takes her to his warehouse, where he waits for the time Iris is to die to arrive. However, this allows H.R. Wells - who feels guilty about telling Savitar where he can find Iris - sneak into the warehouse and swap places with Iris through a device that allows him to look like Iris. Savitar does not notice this.

As predicted, Barry will arrive on Infantino Street at the right time - Team Flash is on standby in various positions. Shortly afterwards, Savitar races with H.R. who still looks like Iris. Contrary to the original future, however, Savitar does not kill Iris directly, but pushes her to the ground and hisses at Barry to show that he is the hero. Barry then pulls out the Speed ​​Force Bazooka developed by Tracy Brand and fires at Savitar, who can easily avoid the rays due to his speed. Finally, Barry can meet Savitar, but he can easily free himself from the cage that was created by the cannon. He scornfully exclaims that he spent an eternity in just such a prison and that with the Philosopher's Stone he could therefore easily prevent this from happening again. With the hateful words that Barry condemned him to a hell and that he will therefore now lead him to his own hell. With the statement that Barry lost, he rams the H.R. the blade through the chest and dash off with the Speed ​​Force bazooka.

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