Who is successful without a degree

Professions without a school leaving certificate: they exist!

No graduation, no prospects: this equation was valid for a long time. And you rise as Early school leavers continues not to go to the Daimler CEO, but is punished by the job market. A school leaving certificate is the least of all! But that's not quite true anymore. In truth, the prospects for dropouts, unskilled and low-skilled workers are getting better. Professions without a school leaving certificate: That's them…

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How high is the unemployment rate among people without a school leaving certificate?

Unfortunately very high. According to the Federal Employment Agency, unskilled workers are employed half of all unemployed in Germany. Of all the labor force, however, they only do 15 percent from, from the employees subject to social insurance even only ten percent.

One could now positively object: at least ten percent! The message is: The unskilled are by no means condemned to lifelong Hartz IV. There are jobs for them.

Important: Unskilled are not always synonymous with Early school leavers. However, young people without a school leaving certificate are of course particularly at risk of not achieving a vocational qualification. The Unskilled rate was 70.1 percent in the group of 20 to 34-year-old school dropouts in 2016 according to the Federal Government's 2018 Vocational Training Report.

As the school graduation rises, it decreases. The rate of unskilled students is 32.8 percent for secondary school students, 9.8 percent for secondary school students and only 5.1 percent for high school graduates.

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What role does the region play in the job search?

No, one has brilliant prospects Applicants without a school report nowhere. But it makes a difference whether he is looking for a job in Flensburg or Munich. The employment agency writes: “The higher the total unemployment rate in a region, the higher it is the distances between the qualification-specific unemployment rates. "

Translated, this means: where there are already many vacancies and there are hardly any unemployed people, even applicants without a school leaving certificate have better cards. Ergo they come in strong regions like Baden-Württemberg or Bavaria more in wages than in structurally weak ones like Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania or the Ruhr area.

Take Gelsenkirchen, for example: there is one here nationwide highest unemployment rate with 14.7 percent. While the Unemployment rate for academics 3.8 percent, it is 7.5 percent for people with a vocational or school-based qualification and 7.5 percent for those without a professional qualification 39.9 percent. The district of Mansfeld-Südharz has the highest unemployment rate for unskilled workers - 55.6 percent.

What do employers expect?

According to the vocational training report, the employer expects half of the registered apprenticeships at least one secondary school leaving certificate. 36.8 percent of the training positions are aimed at trainees who at least one secondary school leaving certificate be able to show.

In 7.2 percent of the cases he would like to at least the advanced technical college entrance qualification see on the certificate and in 1.5 percent even that General University Entrance Qualification. Only in 0.1 percent of the cases the employer doesn't even expect a secondary school diploma. This corresponds to a total of 471 training positions.

Mind you, these are the minimum conditions. In the end, many companies decide in favor of the applicant with the higher degree and the better grades. So have de facto 42.8 percent of the new apprentices a secondary school leaving certificate, 25.3 percent a secondary school leaving certificate and 3.1 percent do not have a secondary school leaving certificate.

The proportion of Apprentices without a school leaving certificate has thus been in the range of three percent since 2009.

But: It seems reasonable to assume that this rate could increase in the future. On the one hand, this is due to the fact that more foreigners (Refugees) without previous training to enter the German labor market. And secondly, that there is one in the low-wage sector growing number of vacant positions, for example in the security area, craft, gastronomy, etc. More on that in a moment ...

Apprenticeships: Where can I get an apprenticeship without a school leaving certificate?

The trend is clear: more and more training positions in Germany remain unfilled. This is the case in both the west and the east. So, according to the vocational training report, last stayed 48,900 positions vacant. On the other hand, there were 23,700 applicants no apprenticeship. How can that be?

Experts speak of supply, occupation and fit problems. In practice there are in some professions too many applicantstoo few in others. Sometimes the applicants are of no use as apprentices (e.g. because they don't speak German), sometimes the companies are too demanding. And sometimes there are too many applicants in one region and too few in the other.

A variety of reasons Applicants without a school leaving certificate but can also use it strategically. For example, by applying in the “right” region and in the “right” profession - namely where there is less competition.

Examples: From the trainee positions to the Scaffolders Most recently, almost one in four remained vacant. From which to Specialized salesman in the food trade even more than one in three. That corresponds to 3,667 digits. Why not apply in this area?

Professions without a school leaving certificate: in which sectors do they exist?

Rule of thumb: Unskilled workers have to prove themselves more on the job than others. But if you Diligence, Perseverance, good manners and Willingness to learn bring along and permanent reveal, they can convince employers of themselves.

Especially in industries where physical work is done:

  • gastronomy
  • Cleaning industry
  • Craft
  • Mail order and warehouse logistics
  • Construction industry
  • Agriculture
  • Security industry
  • horticulture
  • Health economy

Without a school leaving certificate: Jobs are created here

Bottlenecks aren't just in that IT sector a theme. Also the Shipping companies moan. According to the Federal Employment Agency, the number of job vacancies for professional drivers nationwide by 44 percent within five years to almost 16,000. At the same time, the number of job seekers for these positions fell by around 30 percent.

And: go in the next 15 years two thirds of today's drivers in pension. For Applicants without a school leaving certificate opportunities arise here - unless self-propelled trucks come faster than expected ...

Also Parcel driver are desperately wanted. Reason: the booming one Online trade. DHL, Hermes or DPD cannot fill thousands of positions. Deutsche Post alone wants to have around by 2020 10,000 new jobs create - a not so small part of it should be Low-skilled walk.

The labor shortage is also legend in the catering industry, for example among cellars and cooks. There are chances for anyway Applicants without a school leaving certificate as auxiliaries, temporary workers, warehouse or security employees.

These are the best paid jobs for the unskilled

According to the salary platform gehalt.de these are the ones best paid jobs for unskilled workers. However, the analysis is from the time before the statutory minimum wage. Since then, salaries have also gone up for employees without a school leaving certificate ...

  • Call center agent: 2,301 euros
  • Dispatch employee: 2,182 euros
  • Professional drivers: 2,099 euros
  • Warehouse employees: 2,069 euros
  • Cashier: 1,713 euros
  • Machine filler: 1,630 euros
  • Courier driver: 1,621 euros
  • Waiter: 1,566 euros
  • Cleaner: 1,464 euros
  • Taxi driver: 1,430 euros
  • Production workers: 1,422 euros
  • Garbage truck driver: 1,320 euros
  • Safety officer: 1,229 euros
  • Car washer: 1,048 euros

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