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By 2020, robots should be intelligent enough to be able to tell complex human behaviors such as jokes or imitate flirting.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is probably one of the most hyped tech topics at the moment. Most of the reports still resonate a lot of the future, for example about disappearing jobs due to robotics and automation.

The technology has long been much stronger among us than is often assumed: According to an estimate by the British market research company IHS Markit, four billion AI-supported voice assistants were already in use around the world in 2017.

The market researchers justify this with the already enormous spread of AI-supported apps, above all Siri from Apple, Alexa from Amazon, Google Assistant, Cortana from Microsoft and Bixby from Samsung. By 2020, the distribution is expected to almost double again to seven billion devices.

Other predictions regarding the economic impact of AI technologies on the global economy are similarly impressive:

  • By 2025, global AI sales are expected to grow to nearly $ 60 billion; In 2016 it was just $ 1.4 billion
  • Thanks to AI, the sum of all gross domestic products (“global GDP”) is expected to grow by 15.7 trillion dollars by 2030
  • AI can increase company productivity by up to 40 percent in the medium term
  • In the past two years alone, AI startups have grown by a factor of 14
  • Investments in AI startups have increased sixfold since 2000
  • More than three quarters of all devices we use today already use some form of AI that helps us compensate for physical and cognitive weaknesses (77 percent)
  • Analysts at Google expect that by the coming year, 2020, robots will be intelligent enough to be able to tell complex human behaviors like telling jokes or mimicking flirting

Many more facts and figures about the AI ​​revolution including the timeline and the currently most important AI providers and states in the following infographic - click twice to enlarge:

Source: TechJury

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