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Basically, a beginner can do without buying a complete set at first. A sand wedge and 9 and 7 irons are ideal early training tools. Until you have found a halfway acceptable golf swing, it doesn't matter whether you play a brand club or a bargain club.

But as soon as you have found a certain level in your swing technique, you will also notice the qualitative differences between no-names and branded golf clubs. It cannot be emphasized enough that the clubs are tailored to the player. Golf club fitting is the technical term that stands for the fact that you should adapt the club to your body and your swing and not the swing to the golf club.

With a beginner, of course, this ideal adjustment cannot yet be made because the golf swing must first be found and trained. However, an adjustment to the body size should definitely be carried out. This measurement can be done by any good golf instructor or good golf business.

A golf club dimensioned in this way can also help the beginner to find the correct addressing position (see below). To do this, put the sole on the ground. It is better to increase the front distance of the head from the ground a little than the other way around, to place the club too vertically. (see sketch)

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