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The best films of 2019: From blockbusters to independent

And yet another year is drawing to a close - we really don't know where the time has flown. Do you remember what kind of films you saw at the beginning of the year? We definitely have our problems there ... especially when it comes to the best films of 2019.

So it's high time to review the highlights of the 2019 cinema year. Whether it's a Marvel blockbuster, a new Disney classic, a musical biopic or a Korean indie giant, our list of the best and most successful films of 2019 will have something for every film fan. And if you've been a bit lazy at the cinema this year, you can confidently work through this list in the new year. You should, however, hold on a little, As early as January 2020, the next favorites will start in the cinemas in line with the announcement of the Oscar nominations!


The best films of 2019: Blockbusters


Best movies of 2019: Indies

  • mid90s | 7th March
  • Blinded by the Light | August 22nd
  • System sprinkler | September 19th
  • Midsommar | September 26th
  • Parasite | October 17th
  • Portrait of a young woman in flames | October 31
  • Until then, my son | 14th November
  • Booksmart | 14th November
  • Marriage Story | 21st September
  • The lighthouse | November 28th


In the calendar year 2019, the majors like Disney, Universal, Fox and Warner once again gave us incredibly rich presents. In terms of genre alone, virtually every puzzle has gained at least one new, outstanding piece, be it in horror, action or comedy. Above all, however, it has become clear that the general demand has noticeably increased again. Oscar hits became audience favorites, talented filmmakers with new, innovative visions traded higher than ever. So while we are nervously waiting to prepare for the highlights of the new year, we now want to do them again Blockbuster hits from 2019 summarize for you guys.

Green Book - A special friendship

© Universal Pictures

The start of the current cinema year 2019 was made with a film that made waves not only because of its political relevance. Even at the Oscars Peter Farrelly's “Green Book” was able to perform confidently and win three of the popular Goldlinge in the most important categories (Best Film, Best Supporting Actor and Best Original Script). So we couldn't help it, as the humorous, heartfelt drama based on real events in our List of the best films 2019 to perpetuate!

At the center of the story is Tony Lip (Viggo Mortensen), a hard-working, always honest Italian-American who is nothing more important than looking after his family (including Linda Cardellini). But when he has to put his position as a bouncer on hold for six months in order to carry out some renovations in the club, Tony urgently needs to come up with something. The request from a musician to lead his upcoming tour as driver and bodyguard comes at just the right time - Tony would even agree with his prejudices against African Americans the Overlook wages. But after a few days on the road, Tony and Dr. Donald Shirley (Mahershala Ali) to understand each other better and ultimately even to make friends. So while the two make their way through the southern states and travel from gig to gig, Tony and Donald learn important life lessons ...

How to Train Your Dragon 3: The Secret World

© Universal Pictures

A grand finale, as it is in the book. This is exactly what "How to Train Your Dragon 3: The Secret World" is, the conclusion of a truly outstanding animation trilogy from DreamWorks, which, in the shadow of Disney and Pixar, simply received far too little attention. From the first second of the first film, Dean DeBlois and Chris Sanders, the creators of this heroic dragon saga, told a rousing story about friendship, solidarity and courage, which has unfortunately come to an end with the third adventure. Honestly, Vikings AND dragons? A setting couldn't be much cooler than that! Definitely one of the best films of 2019.

In the third and final chapter of the "How to Train Your Dragon" saga, Hicks is about to realize his dream of a peaceful utopia. But then Toothless meets a mysterious day shade female - and with her a new powerful villain enters the scene. Can Hicks and his friends, who have now all become experienced dragon riders, save the society of dragons and humans that is so important to them from perishing?

Avengers: Endgame

© Marvel Studios / Walt Disney

Epic, bombastic, overwhelming: The list of adjectives that describe the final clash of our favorite Marvel heroes in “Avengers: Endgame” could be edited at this point. What had the fans of the long, seemingly eternal journey of Iron Man, Thor and Co. worried that the final excursion of the classic Avengers could break with their own expectations? Thought wrong! Marvel put together the film festival that our heroes deserve so much. One last time Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Chris Hemsworth and Co. go into battle together to save the planet from its downfall - the final Avengers chapter could hardly have been much more monumental. No ifs or buts: "Avengers Endgame" clearly belongs on the list "The best films of 2019“.

It took a total of 22 more, sometimes less entertaining and successful films to prepare this final piece of the MCU's puzzle - including this one. While some of our heroes will still appear in Marvel's Cinematic Universe after the big endgame, some others (for different reasons) will no longer be on board from now on. Marvel and Disney wrote the first chapter of the new era just a few months later with "Spider-Man: Far From Home" - also superbly staged, but not part of this list due to lack of space. With a good three Marvel films per calendar year now, you just have to choose the strongest ...

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Pokémon Detective Pikachu

© Warner Bros.

There are no good video game adaptations, you say? Fortunately, since the middle of 2019 the whole thing has finally been looking a little different and is a candidate for the best films of 2019! With the first feature film exploitation of the Pokémon franchise far from anime entertainment, director Rob Letterman created a masterpiece of his genre. Anyone who, like us, grew up with the first Gameboy editions and threw themselves right in front of the TV after school to follow the latest adventures of Ash, Misty, Brock and Pikachu with sparkling children's eyes, will get “Master Detective Pikachu “Exactly the nostalgic spectacle that the fans wanted so much. The effects are more than first class, the story is kept simple and the cross-references, Easter eggs and surprises almost everywhere and at any time! Sure, without the childishly naive talent of Ryan Reynolds, the flick might not have been quite as brilliant - thank you Pikapool that you exist!

The right game for the film, which was allowed to serve as a direct basis, only found its way to us in Germany after the release of the movie. In the meantime, the game of the same name has become a hit for the Nintendo 3DS and was able to record outstanding figures on the market in just a few months - who's any surprise with the steep advance?

John Wick: Chapter 3

© Concorde

Keanu Reeves is back in the action-packed sequel "John Wick: Chapter 3" and lands on ours List of the best films 2019. After John Wick has broken the irrevocable rule of the Continental and killed someone on neutral ground, the hunt for him is on, his bounty and the number of his pursuers increase noticeably. John makes his way to Casablanca because he is hoping for support from his former girlfriend Sofia (Halle Berry), who runs the Continental there. She wants to refuse at first, but when John shows her her guilty coin and then one of her beloved attack dogs is shot, she stands by him. How could they just shoot their dog? By now they should have realized that killing someone's dog is not a good idea ...

The continuation of the successful "John Wick" series about a former hit man who seeks revenge after the murder of his dog is in no way inferior to its predecessors in terms of action and entertainment. Rather, even dialogues move into the background in favor of extended fight scenes. Shortly after the cinema release, the fourth part of the film series with Keanu Reeves was confirmed, a spin-off and a series are also in the making.

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© Walt Disney

A new genius actor? Actually unthinkable after Robin Williams' masterfully iconic performance! But Disney, director Guy Ritchie and Will Smith proved us wrong in the end. With the live-action new version of the cartoon classic from 1001 Nights, the team behind "Aladdin" has succeeded in creating a modern fairy tale that does justice to any financially successful praise without any question. Mena Massoud and Naomi Scott in the roles of Aladdin and Princess Jasmine are simply made for this colorful spectacle, which makes many of the classic songs shine in new splendor and is great fun for the whole family. Even fans of the drawn original should rub their eyes in amazement and greet the live-action new version with open arms. Clearly: on it the list of the best films of 2019!

Not much more needs to be said about the well-known story, as the film team behind Guy Ritchie has taken over completely with the exception of minor changes and personal additions (Billy Magnussen as Prince Anders, for example). Good thing, after all, it would be a newer "Aladdin" has by no means become so successful!

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© Paramount Pictures

Last year it was Freddie Mercury and Queen, 2019 came the year of Elton John: With “Rocketman” director Dexter Fletcher, who after Bryan Singer's failure also gave “Bohemian Rhapsody” the final polish, created a film-turned monument to the legendary British canary of pop music for eternity. "Kingsman" star Taron Egerton, whom Elton John is said to have chosen himself, shines in the lead role. The two got to know each other on the set for the “Kingsman” sequel “The Golden Circle”, since then they have been close friends and at the same time pushed the Welshman strongly towards the Oscars. Logo that “Rocketman” is on the List of cinema highlights 2019 finds again.

The highlight: The talented young star sang all of the songs and vocal parts that made it into the final cut of the film. One of the reasons why Taron was allowed to go on tour with Elton after the filming of "Rocketman" and perform in front of thousands of people - Pure goosebumps! The brilliant biopic tells the story behind the name Elton John. Even as a boy, Reginald Dwight dreamed of making it big as a star. Only a change of name and location brought the talented musician's career up to speed. Together with his friend and songwriter Bernie Taupin (Jamie Bell) and his manager and later lover John Reid (Richard Madden), the now-born Elton John went through many years of ups and downs - until finally the top of success called for him ...

A Toy Story - Everything does not listen to any command

© Walt Disney

A plastic fork as a toy? Can it only exist in the world of "Toy Story"! But Forky, one of the many brilliant newcomers alongside Woody, Buzz and the others, is in a serious identity crisis: is he really a toy like the others? And if not, is it just garbage? Profound questions of meaning that move the new plastic friend in the nursery to search for their destiny. Of course, Forky receives support from the other toys - a very special kind of road trip!

Actually, if you could call it that at the time, the franchise was already considered to be over after “Toy Story 2” and the beginning of the new millennium. Years later, when no eagerly waiting fan of the two animated hits would have really expected a sequel, "Toy Story 3" followed surprisingly - another whole decade later the celebrated fourth adventure premiered this year! Whether the brilliant cameo by Keanu Reeves - where has the guy not been playing lately? - Plastic dude Forky with a tendency to depression or the two new, chaotic plush buddies Ducky and Bunny, which in the English original simply breathe vocal life into Key & Peele: “A Toy Story” also follows the unbelievably successful tradition of the series and is already considered a modern classic! And off for it the list of the best films of 2019.

The Lion King

© Walt Disney

The second live-action remake of 2019 didn't really deserve its name. How could it be otherwise with a film in which only animals play a role? Of course, the new edition of “The Lion King” of the cartoon of the same name from Disney also had to use trick technology. What the creative artists in Hollywood have done here, however, is visually almost impossible to grasp and therefore clearly belongs to the list of the best films of 2019. Simba and Co. originate one hundred percent from the computer, but always look incredibly realistic and continue to blur the line between nature and technology. One cannot even imagine what animation technology will look like in a few years - at some point we really don't need real actors anymore!

Jon Favreau stepped into the breach as the director without further ado, who was already responsible for the live-action remake of “The Jungle Book” and who is now incredibly good at the animation area. Of course, you shouldn't expect to be flattered by the colorful charm of the original. Above all, the remake wants to distinguish itself in terms of trick technology and appear realistic, which Disney has done incredibly well here. The soundtrack, originally by Elton John, has long since become a legend, has been modernized for the new edition and now features names such as Donald Glover alias Childish Gambino and Beyoncé - both of them also gave Simba and Nala their original voices.

Once Upon a Time in ... Hollywood

© Sony Pictures

One time to last Tarantino? If the director himself has his way and he sticks to his own plans, the “Pulp Fiction” maker will soon retire as a director. A sacrilege, after all, it is films like his "Once Upon a Time in ... Hollywood" that lure us to the cinema and, even in 2019, let us still feel the touch of the golden heyday of Tinseltown. His latest work is a statement in itself, brilliantly scripted dialogue load of the finest kind and, as always, at the same time roaring funny and highly dramatic. There are just a few creative minds like him who live their lives out with every new project and bring new, innovative and unseen things into the world of film. We have no choice but to add the film to the series best movies 2019 to sort.

The cast of this fictional story in the historical context could hardly be more brilliantly cast, with names like Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, Margot Robbie, Emile Hirsch, Timothy Olyphant, Dakota Fanning or Damian Lewis in some of the countless leading roles. Luke Perry, who was tragically different in March of this year, also gets a last, venerable appearance here as the former series star Wayne Maunder. A masterpiece, all in all, that is second to none, impresses with outstanding brilliance and has earned a permanent place in our list of the best films of 2019.

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It: Chapter 2

© Warner Bros.

The first of a total of two absolutely brilliant clowns gave itself the honor of getting a place in the “Es: Kapitel 2” at the beginning of September List of the best films of 2019 to reserve.Part 1 jumped over every expectation hurdle, however high, and was announced to be one of the best films of 2017. With the filming of the second half of the acclaimed Stephen King classic "It", adults are now also finding their way into Derry own fears from childhood, but above all Nightmare Eater Pennywise (awesome through and through: Bill Skarsgård) another, hopefully last time.

The plot jumps back and forth between the past of the kids (including Jaeden Martell, Jack Dylan Grazer and Sophia Lillis) in their hometown and the adult returnees (including Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy and Bill Hader) while Billy and Co. try to destroy the mighty murderous monster in the form of a clown. By the way: If the theatrical version of "Es: Kapitel 2" was not detailed enough, the home cinema exploitation is recommended. Among other things, this one comes with an additional Extended Cut!

Ad Astra - To the stars

© 20th Century Fox

After “Interstellar” and “The Martian - Save Mark Watney”, another intergalactic blockbuster follows with “Ad Astra - To the Stars”. Or so it seems, because Brad Pitt, Tommy Lee Jones and Donald Sutherland can be seen in the new James Gray film. But despite its star cast, “Ad Astra - To the Stars” is anything but mainstream - and that makes it one of the best movies 2019. The celebrated space engineer Roy McBride is sent on a secret mission towards Neptune, where the spaceship of his father and celebrated hero Clifford McBride, believed to be dead, is said to have been stranded.

James Gray's film naturally captivates with occasional CGI effects and breathtaking images, but the main focus is McBride's journey to the stars, which takes him towards Neptune, but ultimately represents a journey into his deepest interior. Thus, “Ad Astra - To the Stars” has turned out to be a successful, top-heavy cinema experience à la “Solaris” and “Moon”, but no less monumental.


© Warner Bros.

We can still hear the screams of outrage as Warner and DC scribbled another cast member for the iconic role of The Joker on the board. For many fans, there would be no other, better, greater cast for the iconic Batman villain than Heath Ledger anyway. Point. At the latest with the release of the first trailer, the wind turned suddenly - would Joaquin Phoenix possibly perform even better than all previous Joker actors before him?

But the eternal comparison lags enormously, after the ingenious, unbelievably captivating, always melancholy 122 minutes you can't decide who is the better joker mime. What Heath Ledger absolutely rightly earned the posthumous Oscar, MUST now also happen to Mr. Phoenix - anything else would be naughty! What "Hangover" director Todd Phillips is doing here together with his outstanding leading actor is simply brutal. Not a typical comic film for the masses, but rather an often decelerated, realistic portrait of society and characters that stimulates thought and exercises the birth of evil through the finest detail. You just have to experience it, add it to the list of cinema highlights 2019!

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Le Mans 66 - Against every chance

© 20th Century Fox

What can you do with the Cast and the get historical relevance really wrong? Basically a lot, but “Le Mans 66” drives the cart across the finish line with a sensational best time! In addition to the great chemistry between Christian Bale and Matt Damon, who as wrench partners are trying to overturn Ferrari's monopoly on success and set new records in the Ford car, it is above all the dynamic, always practically staged racing scenes that make the difference to the competition . None of these sequences feels artificially or technically overloaded, instead, those moments inspire with outstanding closeness to reality and no less great speed. “Le Mans 66” is racing just as fast the list of the best films of 2019.

No wonder that “Le Mans 66” has long been traded as a possible candidate to get involved in the Oscars 2020 - biopics and strong, typically American stories always work damn well! With a good 2 1/2 hours, the strip sits for a long time, but does not detract from the entertainment value and powerful motivational injection. Somehow it doesn't seem to matter what kind of project James Mangold (“Logan”, “Walk the Line”) gets his hands on - in the end, there is always outstanding quality on the clipboard!

The Irishman

© Netflix

Of course, the new mafia epic by Martin Scorsese is also allowed not in ours about contract killer Frank “The Irishman” Sheeran and his involvement in the disappearance of union leader Jimmy Hoffa List of the best films of 2019 absence. The who's who of the greatest mafia actors gathers in the fabulous three-and-a-half hour film, which also works on American history since the 1950s. For "The Irishman", Martin Scorsese united Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci and Al Pacino in a gangster film for the first time. All three became known through films like “The Godfather”, “Good Fellas” or “Casino”, but never worked on a project together.

"The Irishman" tells the life story of Frank Sheeran, a simple delivery truck driver who not only rose to the top of the Cosa Nostra, but was also responsible for the disappearance of America's second most famous man, next to the president. Based on a true story, Scorsese gives us with this film not only an insight into the entanglement of the American unions with the Mafia, but also provides great images and the latest CGI technologythat make De Niro and Co. look like they did in the old days again. And isn't it just nice to see Robert De Niro and Al Pacino as Frank Sheeran and Jimmy Hoffa in such intimate conversations and situations?

In this

What a bombshell year it was for independent film! In 2019, the independently produced films, which mostly saw the dimmed lights of the cinema auditorium apart from Hollywood and Disney, raised the bar for quality cinema. Beyond blockbusters and mainstream cinema, this year there are quite a few candidates for the coveted golden trophies, which are traditionally awarded in February. That means the Oscars, of course, but also the Independent Spirit Awards that take place the day before, where the best indie films of the year be awarded.



Right at the beginning of 2019, a very special directorial debut caused a sensation within the international indie scene: With the brilliant “mid90s” Jonah Hill was able to cross two tasks off his own creative to-do list, directing and scripting! The American had wanted to take the big, risky step away from acting for a long time, he just lacked the right material. Everything should be perfect, he did not want to compromise. Ultimately, he found the ideal template in “mid90s”, a visually reduced coming of age story that recreates the childhood of many US kids in the 90s with a loving eye for the essentials. In broad terms, Jonah Hill's own childhood should have been roughly the same, he says - packed with skating, brawls on the street and the first, big love. Hill has definitely conquered our hearts with it and therefore lands on oursList of the best films 2019.

At the center of the story is Stevie (Sunny Suljic), who with his fresh 13 years is actually not mature enough to hang out with the older kids on the street. Nevertheless, he sneaks out again and again, also to escape his aggressive brother (Lucas Hedges) - much to the displeasure of his loving but overwhelmed mother (Katherine Waterston). So it's his new friends who teach him to skate and pretty much everything else you need to know as a teenager. But not all days in Stevie's life are sunny and carefree ...

Blinded by the light

© Warner Bros.

Aren't you a Bruce Springsteen fan? No problem, at the latest after “Blinded by the Light” you are, at least for the first few days after you've seen the film. Director Gurinder Chadha's tragic comedy is set in England in 1987. The country is dominated by the Thatcher government and unemployment and xenophobia are the order of the day. During this time, 16-year-old Javed, who is of Pakistani descent, grows up. When he came into contact with the music of Bruce Springsteen through a school friend, the hero of the working class awakened the courage in him to stand up for his dreams, even against the ideas of his conservative parents.

“Blinded by the Light” is a coming of age film which, due to the clash of cultural differences, is on the one hand incredibly funny, but on the other hand strikes damn serious tones. Whether with laughter or sadness, you have to keep a few tears in this one Moviewho is definitely one of the best in 2019 heard, definitely stop it. Oh yes, and of course Bruce Springsteen himself provides the perfect soundtrack, not only with his eponymous song "Blinded by the Light". Incidentally, the film premiered at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival, probably the most important independent film festival of all.

System sprinkler

© 24 pictures / Port au Prince

With the drama “Systemsprenger” about a nine-year-old girl in the carousel of foster families and anti-aggression training, a German film has also made it into ours List of the best films 2019 made. Little "Benni" is a child who falls through the grids of German youth care, nowhere does she stay longer or is tolerated longer, she attracts attention with her aggressive behavior and even her mother is afraid of her. Bernadette, as she is actually called, wants nothing more than to live with her mother. It could all be so simple.

The German director Nora Fingscheidt makes her directorial debut with “Systemsprenger”. She wrote the screenplay for the film herself after years of research in various institutions and after countless discussions with supervisors and psychologists in order to gain attention and understanding for these mostly severely traumatized children. The film premiered at the 2019 Berlinale, where it took part in the competition. It was also selected as a German proposal for the “Best International Film” category for the 2020 Academy Awards. “Systemsprenger” shows where there is still a huge shortage in our system and where traumatized children are even more affected by wrong measures and a lack of sympathy. The reality is probably a lot worse than the film can and wants to show.


© Weltkino / Courtesy of A24

After his more than grandiose directorial debut “Hereditary”, the US-American Ari Aster has the next big hit with “Midsommar”. The finest, disturbing horror elements, which are very similar to Aster’s first work “Hereditary”, are presented in an unusually bright and peaceful atmosphere. However, this idyll is deceptive, as the group of young people has to painfully discover. The beautiful place where the sun never sets turns into a dark nightmare. Actually, they wanted to visit the remote village community and its summer solstice festival in Sweden for study purposes. The customs celebrated there, however, are anything but peaceful ...

Ari Aster knows how to pull the rug out from under his audience. As in “Hereditary”, in “Midsommar” the viewer is confronted with a bloodcurdling incident in the first few minutes of the film. But director Ari Aster emphasizes that people shouldn't expect a second "hereditary". “Midsommar” is macabre and unique and has it right in ours List of the best independent films of 2019 made.


© Koch Films

Without evaluating or placing the individual films, "Parasite" is probably THE one Independent film of the year 2019. No other film has made so much talk this year as the South Korean hit by director Bong Joon-ho. "Parasite" has already won a number of prizes, such as the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival, and the Oscar is likely to be waved here too. A film has not been as surprising as this South Korean genre mix for a long time. “Parasite” is simply impossible to grasp and alternates between thriller, family drama with partly comedic interludes, even some horror elements can be found here. Better not to reveal too much about the story for those who haven't seen it yet. It is precisely the element of surprise that ultimately defines the film. In short, it is about a family at subsistence level, which nevertheless manages to make ends meet with extreme cleverness and a certain talent for improvisation - until their lies get out of hand at some point and have unforeseen consequences.

The South Korean director Bong Joon-ho advanced to a master of his profession after this trick at the latest, although he had already succeeded in real indie pearls with “Okja” and “Memories of Murder”. We'll have to keep an eye on this man over the next few years and those who have not yet dealt with their films should do so as soon as possible.

Portrait of a young woman on fire

© Alamode

The French film “Portrait of a Young Woman in Flames” by director Celine Sciamma was featured in this year's edition Competition for the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival next to "Parasite" among the favorites. Although he couldn't get the coveted prize, the historical drama is still one of the most important and for us best independent films of 2019. The drama, set in the 18th century, is about the young painter Marianne, who is commissioned to secretly make a portrait of a young noble lady. She refuses to sit for a portrait of her upcoming wedding and so her mother, the countess, secretly hires a painter who is supposed to pretend to be a companion. However, as a result of the intense time they spend together, an unexpected and intimate love and passion develops between the two women.

“Portrait of a Young Woman in Flames” is a feminist portrait of the suffering and difficulties women were exposed to in the 18th century due to the existing patriarchal structures. Not least because of her insight into the world of female emancipation and experiences, but also because of her cinematic implementation, which is located on the Quiberon peninsula on the Atlantic coast, Sciamma makes it onto the list of the best independent films of the year.

See you then, my son

© Piffl Media

Also at the 69th Berlinale 2019, in addition to “Systemsprenger”, the Chinese family drama “Until then, my son” premiered. Director Wang Xiaoshuai's award-winning family epic spanning three decades is about a family whose life is forever ruined by the loss of their child. A little boy is killed in a tragic accident and not only his parents have to deal with coping with this event throughout their lives, but also the befriended couple and especially their son, the little boy's best friend, play their part in this drama.

"See you then, my son" also manages thirty years of Chinese history from communism to one-child politics to today's mega-capitalism to portray and combine family drama with social criticism. The Chinese film seems to be on the rise again. Especially in the area of ​​drama, the last few years with “Us and Them” from 2018 and “Love Education” from 2017, now also with “Until then, my son” from this year, have been very good films worth seeing published.


© World Cinema / Annapurna Pictures

Next to "Midsommar" is "Booksmart" rather lighter indie food. In Olivia Wilde's comedy, two nerds turn it up again. The two girls Amy and Molly only spent their entire school days studying to make it to the coveted elite universities.Shortly before they graduate, however, they have to find out that the whole renouncement of parties and flirting was completely in vain, because their party-mad schoolmates also packed it to secure their places there. So now all the missed fun has to be packed into one night!

When it premiered at the most important independent film festival, the South by Southwest in Austin Texas, “Booksmart” delighted both audiences and critics and has since become an insider tip in the indie scene. Even though “Booksmart” is the directorial debut of Olivia Wilde, who is otherwise known as an actress. Especially in the LGBTQ + scene the film was received positively, which is probably due to Amy's romantic inclinations. The desperate attempt of two completely untested teenagers to throw themselves into the night definitely promises a lot of funny moments and deservedly ends up with us at the List of the best films 2019.

Marriage story

© Wilson Webb / Netflix

"Marriage Story" is the latest film by director Noah Baumbach, who previously attracted attention with films like "Frances Ha" and "The Meyerowitz Stories", both of which are also real independent greats, by the way. The story is told quickly: As the title of the film suggests, it's about a couple who are struggling with their relationship problems and in the midst of this chaos tries to find the best solution for their son. “Marriage Story” has become an almost tender film, which portrays the various stages of a divorce, with all of its emotional, desperate, but also funny moments. Particularly convincing in this tragic comedy are the two actors Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver, who mime the couple here. Neither of them are newcomers to independent film and have already been able to convince in films like “Lost in Translation” (Johansson) or “The Meyerowitz Stories” (Driver). Not only but also a weighty argument, the film on the List of the best of 2019 to put.

After "Marriage Story" has already been shown at some film festivals and has already received one or the other nomination, the film will open exclusively on the Netflix streaming service from December 6, 2019. So there are no more excuses not to watch the film - it will be worth it!

The lighthouse

© Universal Pictures

With "The Lighthouse" the next indie grenade of the year follows, which brings the expressionist cinema of the 20s back to life again in a new guise. Director Robert Eggers abducts the viewer into an oppressive black and white scene in which reality and madness slowly blur into one another. A highlight of the film are probably the extraordinary acting performances of Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe in the roles of the lighthouse keepers stuck on a lonely island, who slowly drive the isolation of the island and the strains of the storm crazy. This mixture of horror and fantasy that “Der Leuchtturm” shows is definitely not for everyone and requires a certain cinematic interest, because light entertainment is searched in vain here. But what you find for it is pure art cinema. Greetings from Lang and Murnau! "The Lighthouse" is an aesthetic masterpiece that literally lets the viewer feel the narrowness of the island and the creeping madness. From there on to the List of highlights 2019!
After “The Witch”, director Robert Eggers has landed the next big hit with “Der Leuchtturm” and that with just two feature films produced - an absolute must not only for connoisseurs, but also for indie fans.