Why am I jealous of his ex

NO MORE DRAMA, BABY, Are you jealous of your ex-girlfriend?

She used to be his girlfriend. And never will be ours. It doesn't have to either. However, it wouldn't be bad if our partner's ex-girlfriend is no longer our worst enemy either. Overcome your jealousy. It's easier than you think.

Just be honest. Your partner's ex-girlfriend is neither stupid nor ugly. Understandably you arejealous of the ex-girlfriend Your loved one, after all, the two of them have a common past and not only shared the bed, but possibly also an apartment. But jealousy is not only stressful (and probably unnecessary), it is also dangerous for your relationship. Why it's not worth it and how to stay calm.

Of course, we secretly hope that his ex-girlfriend is a ghastly figure. That would make things a lot easier. However, we know that looks are not everything. For optical reasons jealous of the ex-girlfriend so it is not worth being. Nevertheless, a woman compares and measures and asks herself: What does she have that I do not have? Since we are all individuals, the answer is: possibly a lot. However, you also have characteristics that your predecessor did not have. So forget about the comparison. So only one question is allowed: what do I have that she no longer has? Your ex-boyfriend!

The first meeting

It is normal for you to feel insecure when you first meet your ex-girlfriend. Ultimately, it will certainly present itself from its chocolate side. She looks gorgeous, is cheerful, maybe even trying to flirt and warming up old anecdotes. Often one is so overwhelmed with such behavior that one automatically becomes jealous. It is best to expect such gimmicks in advance and not get involved in them in the first place.

Games? Better not!

Do you know what's more fun than jealous of the ex-girlfriend to be the partner? When she is jealous of you. Just turn the tables. After all, it's you who now have the man by your side, so who has more reason to be jealous? Just! Why should you hide too? However, you shouldn't overdo it - it quickly becomes bitchy. And in most cases, your partner isn't exactly amused by such games either. Therefore, it is tactically wiser to stay calm and considerate. Smile, be polite and show every now and then how deeply you are connected and in love. But be careful: in this case too, less is usually more. If you attack your partner's ex-girlfriend, you don't make them jealous, but rather make yourself look ridiculous.

Those who are jealous of their partner's ex-girlfriend often find it hardest to take the next step. This is where it helps the most: Keep your emotions under control. Even if he is still in contact with his ex-girlfriend or if they happen to meet, there is no point in freaking out. There are several reasons for this. First of all, you couldn't prevent it anyway if he was really going to do something stupid. The second is how he feels about you. Third, your boyfriend would certainly not like it if you made a scene in front of his ex. And fourth, show her that you don't need to be jealous. Touché!

Break the spell!

Jealous of the ex-girlfriend To be your partner is unnecessary in many cases. Of course, you don't have to be her best friend, but it still makes sense to take a step towards her when you meet. On the one hand this requires politeness, on the other hand you break the spell. If you approach your ex-girlfriend with all kindness, there is no need for unnecessary competition. On the contrary. Perhaps you notice that your partner's ex-wife is also insecure and doesn't know how to behave. It is definitely worth a try. If only because the smarter one gives in!

If you're jealous of your partner's ex-girlfriend, it doesn't necessarily have to have anything to do with her, by the way. Often times, jealousy can be a sign that you don't feel safe enough. There can be various reasons for this. Maybe you haven't been together with your boyfriend long and you have no idea how strong the bond between you really is. Often the necessary security develops over time. But it could also be that your partner just isn't giving you the trust you need. Maybe you arejealous of the ex-girlfriendbecause he even gives you cause? In this case, you should take your jealousy seriously and examine it. Only one thing should be said: In the rarest of cases, it is up to the other woman! Being jealous of your partner's ex-girlfriend is always about yourself. So decide whether you want to be it or not.

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