There are many angels

How many angels are there actually?

It is good when we are curious. For example, God has promised us that he will be found if we seek him (God in Jeremiah 29: 11–14). No, you are not looking for God in your city park, but you are looking for (and finding) God in your Bible; In the past it was also called 'reading'.

Also interesting question: How many angels are there actually?
Answer: Many.

Do angels only help Jesus believers?

How many Guardian Angels do we have?

Quite a few Bible experts assume that, for example, every person has at least two guardian angels. Do the math by ... 7.3 billion people * 2 ... But that's not all: What about the people who lived thousands of years ago? They also had guardian angels. Or do the guardian angels take over another person after the death of a person?

And there are certainly not only guardian angels, but also a lot of other tasks and areas that the angels fulfill.

John names an indescribable number of angels in the Bible

In short, we shouldn't commit ourselves to one number. Because we'd probably be wrong anyway. God in his word tells us about the revelation of John: “Then I looked and heard the song of many angels around the throne and around the (four) living beings and the elders; their number was ten thousand times ten thousand and a thousand times a thousand "(Revelation chapter 5, verse 11; Amount Bible, 1939)

With 10,000 * 10,000 and 1,000 * 1,000 it should be expressed that it is a number that cannot be overlooked.

Johannes was able to name 200 million

Let us not forget in this connection: Such a statement as the above does not come from the fact that John could not deal with numbers. No, in Revelation he writes, for example, that the 'kings of the east' (will probably be China, North Korea ...) will go to the battle of Armageddon with 200 million soldiers. A very specific number. Especially when you consider the time at that time; When John wrote this down, around 170 to 400 million people lived on earth. You can imagine how God's prophecies were dismissed as crazy by the 200 million soldiers then and over the millennia by critics. Well, China’s military power has such numbers today. We see from this example: God's prophecies always come true.

Back to the angels ... John mentions a number like 200 million (unimaginable for his world at that time). But with the number of angels he makes do with the information quoted above. Tell me, there are so many angels that we literally cannot count them.

Worth reading about angels

Please remember: Do not worship angels.
One hears and reads sometimes that people who have died become angels in heaven. Humbug. Humans will not be angelic beings. • Future: People will judge angels. Which? The good or the bad angels? • Did angels already exist when the earth and humans were created?