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With the computer out of the crisis

VDI technology in Bavaria
Obviously someone has read a lot. Tim Cole has worked himself into the topic of AI in a crazy hard job. Cole has been delivering books on the Internet for decades and likes to act as a mixture of hiking preacher and mountain guide. Cole always wants to show what others tend to overlook. The important thing is to achieve the goal.


Despite the not necessarily technical approach, Cole sticks to facts without falling into alarmism or moral panic.


Cole presents a convincing plea against the GAFA culture, which is addictive and leads to digital isolation. Help can only be promised by a cultural breakout from digital paternalism and exploitation such as control. He recommends digital fasting and a competent use of the new technologies that enable a corresponding digital culture. Cole is right: we have to fight to cope with the new technologies culturally and work to tame, domesticate and decriminalize them, to cultivate them for a short time as with the other technological revolutions before. The parallels with the wild west and the gold leaf robber culture cannot be denied. A stimulating book for those who don't have to follow every technological hype, but are ready to think about what techniques and as people really promote it.
Prof. Dr. Dr. Bernhard Irrgang

Trend magazine

"Bring digitization to an end!"

general newspaper

"More courage instead of German fear" Uber, the largest taxi company in the world, does not own any cars. And Facebook, the largest of all media companies, has no editors. Digitization is changing the habits of work and business life. And Germany only plays a minor role. At least that's what the US publicist Tim Cole thinks. further

Saarbr├╝cker Zeitung
"Clap for politics and business: resounding slap in the face for politics and telecom from an Internet professional: If Germany no longer remains competitive in an international comparison, then this is due to hesitant decisions by the government and the multimedia giant. Because both have developments towards the digital Oversleeping the future, Tim Cole is convinced of that

Human Resources Manager

"We have to rely more on the personal responsibility of our employees" The German economy is oversleeping the digital future, says Tim Cole. The internet expert also considers data protection in Germany to be exaggerated. A conversation about big data, 3D printers and the need for network structures. further


His positive examples should stimulate everyone to approach the digital world with courage and optimism. further

The standard

If you follow Tim Cole's analysis, then the economic engine is drawing on old fame - and is gambling away the future.

VDI news

Does Industry 4.0 create the conditions for an economic miracle 2.0? As usual, Tim Cole combines the art of formulation of the former Playboy author with the expertise of the IT specialist when he describes how the digitization of business can guarantee prosperity in Germany, provided that companies and society rise to the challenge. further

Focus on personnel 05/2015

New rules through digital education

Due to the digital change and the possibilities that are available to every employer and employee, offices as we know them may take a back seat in the future. From the point of view of journalist, book author and new media trainer Tim Cole, offices are out of date and "still function as a meeting place and marketplace". However, there is still compulsory attendance at the workplace throughout Germany. A loosening could be beneficial for the employees, because this way they can work according to their daily rhythm. HR managers can also support digital education by advocating the dismantling of hierarchies. In this way, productivity could also be increased.